iOS 7 Beta 3 could drop on July 8

iOS 7 (multiple iPhones, flat)

On Monday, Apple seeded iOS 7 Beta 2 to its registered iOS developers. The second beta arrived precisely two weeks after the launch of iOS 7 Beta 1, which was made available right following the June 10 WWDC 2013 keynote.

Now, you might recall that an hour before Beta 2 hit Apple’s servers we ran an article saying the software could drop that day. The same source that called for it is at it again, now claiming the third beta of iOS 7 will see release on Monday, July 8.

It’s kinda bad news for developers who must be looking to some time off for Independence Day. If true, July 8 would make iOS 7 Beta 3 available exactly two weeks following the launch of the current iteration of the software. Starting to notice a pattern here?

BGR has the story:

BGR has been informed by trusted sources that iOS 7 beta 3 is currently scheduled to be made available to carriers for testing on July 8th.

These are the same sources who accurately foretold the release timing of Apple’s last iOS 7 beta, and just like iOS 7 beta 2, it is likely that the new software will be released to developers on the same day it reaches carriers.

The two-week interval between the first three betas also matches up nicely with last year’s iOS 6 betas.

iOS 6 Beta 1 – lasted 14.75 days
iOS 6 Beta 2 – lasted 15.4 days
iOS 6 Beta 3 – lasted 15 days
iOS 6 Beta 4 – lasted 18.6 days
iOS 6 Beta 5 – lasted 17.8 days
iOS 6 Beta 6 – lasted 11 days

According to the well-known iOS hacker iH8sn0w, iOS 7 Beta 2 expires on Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 12am GMT.

Subsequent betas will smooth out the rough edges and refine the iOS 7 design and visual language, while possibly introducing new tweaks and features.

iOS (days in beta, 20130624 Will Hains 001)
iOS versions development cycles chart via developer Will Hains.

For example, iOS 7 Beta 2 brought us the iPad interface with HDR photography and the Memos app, along with a bunch of refinements and new goodies like the ability to control the interface using head movement, direct Google Contacts sync, Messages improvements, male and female Siri voices and other perks.

And as a Fall launch draws near, we’re expecting to see major changes to the Apple TV software stemming from the new technologies that make iOS 7 possible.

Per usual, count on iDB keeping you in the loop.