iOS 7 Beta 3

iOS 7 smooths out iPhone apps on non-Retina iPads

With each passing day we learn more about the subtleties and under-the-hood tweaks that have made their way into the third beta of iOS 7. Today, I want to talk about the iPad's 2x compatibility mode. Hasn't it always bothered you how iPhone apps run pixel-doubled on your iPad mini and other non-Retina iPad devices, resulting in jagged corners and edges and just all-around pixelated appearance?

You can tick that issue off as iOS 7 Beta 3 added a new feature that makes every iPhone app look very clear running on an iPad 2 or iPad mini, in a manner reminiscent of a tweak for jailbroken devices by Ryan Petrich, called RetinaPad...

More proof that Apple’s premium iWork/iLife iOS suite could go free

Apple for years offered iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand iOS apps as a $4.99 download each.

On the Mac, those apps which comprise the iLife suite come bundled with new Mac purchases and Apple's been very actively advertising them as one of the reasons people switch to the Mac.

As for the iWork productivity suite - comprised of the Pages word processor, Numbers spreadsheet maker and Keynote presentation creator - users are expected to pay $19.99 each on the Mac side and $9.99 each on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Some watchers think the advent of the free iWork for iCloud web apps with full editing capabilities (currently in beta) may signal Apple's intention to make the entire iWork suite a free affair, giving people one less reason to consider rival platforms. Today, a German blog has discovered an interesting change in the first-run App Store screen in the latest iOS 7 Beta 3 that surprisingly adds individual iWork/iLife apps as free downloads...

iOS 7 Beta 3 could drop on July 8

On Monday, Apple seeded iOS 7 Beta 2 to its registered iOS developers. The second beta arrived precisely two weeks after the launch of iOS 7 Beta 1, which was made available right following the June 10 WWDC 2013 keynote.

Now, you might recall that an hour before Beta 2 hit Apple's servers we ran an article saying the software could drop that day. The same source that called for it is at it again, now claiming the third beta of iOS 7 will see release on Monday, July 8.

It's kinda bad news for developers who must be looking to some time off for Independence Day. If true, July 8 would make iOS 7 Beta 3 available exactly two weeks following the launch of the current iteration of the software. Starting to notice a pattern here?