iOS 7: AirDrop video walkthrough

AirDrop featured

As you all know by now, Apple has added new AirDrop functionality to iOS7, a desperately needed function that allows users to share files easily between devices. The tech, which requires both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be enabled, alleviates the stress of needing to quickly share files between users.

We talked about the new AirDrop feature before, but now we have a full blown video walkthrough that showcases the functionality. Take a look inside for more info…

As you can see, while AirDrop requires both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to be enabled, it doesn’t require you to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. This allows for true peer-to-peer sharing via Bluetooth.

Another feature that you’ll notice is that you have the ability to limit AirDrop connectivity to your contacts. You can choose to open it up to everyone, or disable AirDrop altogether as well.

Connectivity and file transfer appeared to be fast, efficient, and extremely simple in my hands-on test with the feature. I think that this is a feature that a lot of people aren’t really appreciating just due to the fact that most don’t have multiple iOS 7 devices available to use it in a real world scenario. Once iOS 7 is released and the majority of iPhone owners adopt it, I believe this will be one of the favorite features for end-users.

What do you think about AirDrop? Are you excited about this brand new iOS 7 feature?