Here’s how to use a mouse on a jailbroken iPad

A new jailbreak tweak was recently released, and it allows you to use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard on your iPad or iPhone.

Although it may seem inherently wrong to choose mouse control over touch control, it’s a killer tweak for writers who prefer to use an external Bluetooth keyboard.

Sometimes I use a Bluetooth keyboard to type documents with Pages, and it always throws me off a bit when I have to reach out and touch the screen. I’ve found that having a mouse along for the ride makes composing an article much easier.

Take a look inside, as I delve into the features of BTC Mouse & Trackpad on video…

BTC Mouse & Trackpad works with pretty much any Bluetooth mouse and keyboard you can throw at it. The developer notes that it works with any Bluetooth HID compatible mouse or trackpad, so it’s no surprise that it worked flawlessly with my Apple Magic Mouse and my Targus keyboard.

As far as settings go, there are options to adjust the speed of the mouse cursor, as well as enable Presentation mode — a feature that assigns right and left clicks to swipes on the screen. Presentation mode is perfect for controlling Keynote presentations, forScore, Photos, etc.

Speaking of the left and right mouse buttons, outside of presentation mode, the left button acts as a normal touch on the screen, while the right button mimics the press of the iPhone or iPad’s Home button. If you click and hold down the left button, it acts as a tap and hold on the screen. In the same manner, if you double press the right button, you’ll bring up the app switcher.

If you happen to have a mouse that features a scroll wheel, then you can use it to navigate Springboard pages, or simulate pinch to zoom in apps that support it.

As the name of the tweak suggests, it also plays nice with trackpads, such as Apple’s Magic Trackpad. Sadly, gestures are not yet supported, so anything that requires multitouch won’t work without using your hands on the screen.

Sometimes connecting Bluetooth devices can be bit finicky, but I experienced minimal issues with BTC Mouse & Trackpad. In fact, the developer boasts that the tweak features “automatic reconnect”, so that you can just pick up your mouse where you left off.

To connect a device, head over to iOS’ built in Bluetooth settings, and there you’ll notice new options specifically designed for BTC Mouse & Trackpad. There’s an overall kill switch, a packet logger, and the normal Devices section where the pairing of devices takes place. Pairing a mouse or trackpad is more of less the same as pairing any other Bluetooth device.

Even better is the fact that the tweak is fully integrated with iOS Bluetooth, so you can continue using peripherals like headsets, while at the same time take advantage of mouse and keyboard control.

If controlling your iPad with a mouse sounds like a road you’d like to travel down, then by all means check out BTC Mouse & Trackpad. It works just as advertised, and will set you back a mere $4.98 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. As a bonus for loyal customers, if you’ve already purchased BTstack Keyboard, then you get this tweak for 50% off.

Are you planning on giving BTC Mouse & Trackpad a shot? Sound off in the comments below.