How to change iPad trackpad or mouse scrolling speed so pages move slower or faster

iPad scrolling speed can be adjusted to your liking when using a trackpad or mouse with your tablet. By adjusting the iPad trackpad scroll speed value to your liking, you can make Safari webpages, Office documents, your Photos library, and other scrollable content move faster or slower than the default value. Follow along with us to learn how to adjust the iPad scrolling speed for the connected trackpad and/or mouse to your liking with just a few taps.

iPad with keyboard, trackpad, and Apple Pencil
Image: Ernest Ojeh for Unsplash.

iPad and scrolling

When interacting with an iPad using your fingers, pages scroll faster as you swipe more rapidly. Unfortunately, there’s no user-facing interface to adjust how quickly content moves when finger-scrolling. But connect a wireless trackpad or mouse to your tablet, and a new slider appears in the Settings app for adjusting the mouse and trackpad scroll speed to your liking.

iPad scrolling speed: how to adjust iPad trackpad scroll speed
iPadOS lets you adjust how quickly pages scroll when using a mouse or trackpad.

Keep in mind that iPadOS doesn’t support scrolling or other Multi-Touch gestures with the original Magic Mouse or the original Magic Trackpad from Apple.

As Apple explains, you can adjust how quickly pages scroll when you use a wireless mouse or trackpad with your iPad by moving a dedicated slider in your iPadOS accessibility settings.

Follow along with our step-by-step tutorial right ahead to learn how to adjust your iPad trackpad scrolling speed, as well as your iPad mouse scrolling speed.

How to adjust the iPad scrolling speed

Follow these steps if you need to adjust how quickly content like webpages in Safari or images in Photos  moves when scrolling with your Bluetooth mouse or trackpad:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPad.
  2. Choose Accessibility from the root list.
  3. Tap Pointer Control.
  4. Drag the Scrolling Speed slider to change your mouse and trackpad scrolling speed.

This is how it looks like:

iPad tracking speed for trackpad and mouse
That’s the slider I’m talking about!

To make pages and other content scroll faster when you use your iPad trackpad or mouse, drag the Scrolling Speed slider closer to the rabbit icon on the right-hand side. Conversely, you can decelerate scrolling by dragging the slider to the opposite side.

Adjusting iPad tracking speed

The above setting shouldn’t be confused with another mouse and trackpad-related slider found in Settings > General > Trackpad & Mouse (or just Trackpad, depending on what you have).

From there, feel free to drag the Tracking Speed slider to the left or to the right in order to make the pointer moves slower or faster, respectively, when using a trackpad or mouse.

iPad tracking speed for trackpad and mouse
With this slide, you can change how quickly the pointer moves.

Both the scrolling speed and the tracking speed slider are also available in your AssistiveTouch settings. Keep in mind that your iPad must be running iPadOS 13.4 or newer in order to take advantage of advanced mouse and trackpad control.

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