With so many tweaks available that allow you to rearrange your Home screen in various ways, it’s almost inevitable that you end up with a Home screen that looks nothing like the original Home screen that you started with.

Fortunately there’s a really easy way to reset your app icon layout on your Home screen.

A good lot of you are probably already aware that such an option exists, but it’s a nice reminder since recent tweaks like Dashboard X can result in drastically altered Home screens that can be time consuming to rearrange by hand.

Take a look at our video walkthrough for more information…


To reset your Home screen layout to default, simply do the following: go to Settings > General > Reset > and tap Reset Home Screen Layout.

You will receive a prompt asking you to confirm. Once you confirm, the app icon layout will switch back to the stock layout. This technique works on all iOS devices.

Like I said, most of you will probabaly be aware of this, but be sure to leave me a note in the comments if this was helpful for you.