20 Awesome iOS 5-Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks

When Apple unveiled iOS 5 last Summer, it mentioned that the update included over 200 new features. Among the additions were several features that closely mirrored tweaks and utilities from within the jailbreak community.

In fact, there were a lot of folks that thought that iOS 5 would be the beginning of the end for jailbreakers, but we aren’t too worried. Not only have we had an iOS 5 jailbreak for months, we also have tons of compatible tweaks and utilities…

Here’s a list of 20 awesome jailbreak packages that support iOS 5:

  1. SBSettings – Arguably the most popular tweak in Cydia, SBSettings gives you quick access to common iOS settings.
  2. BiteSMS – This SMS client adds handy features like quick reply and message preview.
  3. IntelliScreenX – Set to release next week, this utility adds insane amounts of functionality to iOS 5’s Notification Center.
  4. Dreamboard – The app to own if you’re really into customizing and theming.
  5. Activator – A utility that allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite iOS functions and settings.
  6. OpenSSH – Allows you to access your iDevice’s file system remotely.
  7. FakeCarrier – A simple utility that allows you to change your carrier’s name in the status bar to whatever you want.
  8. FolderLock – This tweak enables you to put a password lock on folders and the Settings app.
  9. iFile – A full-featured file manager of iOS.
  10. CallBar – This tweak turns full screen incoming call notifications into a tiny banner.
  11. KillBackground – This utility installs itself into the multitask bar and allows you to kill all open apps with a single tap.
  12. Multifl0w – Get webOS card-like multitasking with this unique utility.
  13. MyWi – Access internet on your laptop or tablet with this hotspot-like application.
  14. My3G – Bypass Wi-Fi-only restrictions on apps like FaceTime with this tweak.
  15. Infinidock – This tweak allows you to add unlimited icons to your iOS dock.
  16. Gridlock – Put your icons wherever you want on your homescreens with this utility.
  17. Copic – This tweak adds contact photos to your call log, address book, and Messages app.
  18. AllMail – Get better email management with this tweak.
  19. PasswordPilot – This utility automatically enters your App Store password for you.

Now all we need is an iPhone 4S jailbreak and an iOS 5 untether, and we’ll be set.