FakeCarrier App From Cydia Gives You a Verizon iPhone 4 Ahead of Launch

For those of you who simply can’t wait a week to be free from the chains of AT&T, FakeCarrier will at least give you visual satisfaction while you wait for that February 10th launch date. Found in Cydia in the pre installed Big Boss Repository, FakeCarrier from Eric of the mirror dev team allows you to change the wireless carrier name to whatever you would like.

Now the app itself has been around for a while as well as others like it, such as MakeItMine, but I figured this was a good time to remind everyone of this neat and simple iPhone program…

To download, you’ll just open up Cydia, and press the ‘Search’ icon. Type in FakeCarrier and you should immediately see the application. Once the app is done installing, your phone will reboot and the FakeCarrier icon should now appear on your springboard. The app itself is extremely straight forward.

You are given the options to edit the carrier name, the time, and even the battery reading. This application truly is a testament to the hundreds of iPhone customization tools available to the jailbreak community through Cydia and to jailbreaking itself. You’d be surprised how much fun I’ve had with my iPhone displaying the Verizon logo in the top left corner out and about and at work.

Anyone using this app or another like it? Let us know in the comments!