SBPhoto: Create Home Screen Shortcuts to Your Photos

SBPhoto is a recently released jailbreak app, that lends you the convenience of adding a photo bookmark directly to your Home screen. Maybe there’s one photo that you’re always showing off, and you need to access it quickly? SBPhoto can hook you up.

By processing the snapshot through SBPhoto, you’ll end up with an miniaturized representation of your photo on your Home screen as an app icon. Upon tapping that icon, it’ll open a Safari instance, and then link you to that awesome photo of your cat doing the four legged splits, or whatever other bizarre behavior your cat likes to engage in…


It’s a decent concept in itself, but it’s not without an annoyance or two.

Number one, you must have location services activated in order to view your photos. Surely, it seems like there would be a way to work around this requirement, but it’s a must do with SBPhoto.

Call me silly, but I’m wary about letting any app track my location, let alone a jailbreak app.

Secondly, the app’s just not that fast. It takes a while to create the bookmarks, it takes a while to mass delete them, etc. Minor gripe, but certainly worth mentioning.

If you can get past those two grievances, and/or you’re in absolute dire need of a way to place bookmarks to your favorite photos on your Home screen, then SBPhoto can be had for $0.99 on Cydia.

Let me know what you think about the app below. Also, what’s your stance on allowing jailbreak apps, or any app for that matter, track your location?