Ryan Petrich adds Do Not Disturb Toggle to Activator and SBSettings

By Mike Schnier on Feb 11, 2013

Ryan Petrich, developer of numerous tweaks including FullForce for iPhone 5, has just released a new plugin for Activator and SBSettings called the Do Not Disturb Toggle.

Activating the toggle at any time enables Do Not Disturb mode in iOS 6, which silences incoming calls and notifications while your phone is locked; that is unless you’ve enabled repeated calls or calls from your Favorites list… Read More


‘NCSettings’ adds SBSettings inspired toggles to Notification Center

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 26, 2012

NCSettings is a free jailbreak tweak that adds an SBSettings inspired set of toggles to iOS 5′s Notification Center.

While the description of the tweak may sound run of the mill, it’s a beautiful looking widget that has a nifty trick up its sleeve.

Check out our full video walkthrough of NCSettings inside… Read More


This is not an SBSettings theme, it’s IntelliScreenX

By Jeff Benjamin on Feb 15, 2012

Everyone seems to love my SBSettings theme, hence I get around the neighborhood of 100 inquiries per day asking how to acquire it.

The only problem is, it’s not an SBSettings theme at all, it’s IntelliScreenX. Read More


BBSettings: An SBSettings Killer in the Making?

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 15, 2011

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, you’ve no doubt caught wind of BBSettings, the so-called “SBSettings killer” for iOS 5′s Notification Center.

True enough, it is a very beautiful widget, and its function is certainly promising, but can it take down the reigning king of all jailbreak apps?

Find out the answer to that question and more, as I go hands-on with BBSettings on video… Read More


SBSettings Beta for iOS 5 Exposed On Video – New Features In Tow [Video Walkthrough]

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 9, 2011

Without a doubt, SBSettings is the de facto must have tweak among all jailbreak tweaks for the iPhone. I think if you took a poll of 100 people, 90 of them would claim that SBSettings is the one tweak that they could not live without.

With that being said, imagine my excitement when I heard that the iOS 5 beta version of SBSettings was ready for testing! I’m happy to report that it comes with tons of new settings, and beautifully integrates into iOS 5′s Notification Center.

Check inside for a full video walkthrough of the new and improved SBSettings… Read More


How to Enable Swiping for SBSettings Toggles [Video]

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 2, 2011

A few days ago, we received a question about SBSettings; specifically, how do you enable swiping for the toggle buttons in SBSettings?

By default, SBSettings will enable more than two rows if you have more than eight buttons in your list of toggles. Because of this, there’s no need to have separate pages for toggles, due to everything fitting on a single page.

Ah, but there is a simple way to force a maximum of two rows of toggles, as this video tutorial shows you inside… Read More


SBSettings Gets Updated with iOS 5 Support

By Cody Lee on Sep 27, 2011

There’s a handful of tweaks and utilities that are simply a must-have for jailbreakers. Obviously, this list can vary from person to person, but I don’t think that anyone would argue that apps like Activator belong in the Cydia Hall of Fame.

Another title that belongs in that category, maybe most of all, is SBSettings. The utility makes accessing system settings and functions a breeze. SBSettings was just updated, and all of you early adopters will be happy to hear that it’s now iOS 5 compatible… Read More


OmniStat: System Details in Your Notification Center

By Cody Lee on Jul 8, 2011

We’ve seen a slew of iOS 5 widgets over the last couple of days. For those who don’t know, Apple released a beta version of their new iOS software a few weeks ago, and the jailbreak community has marked their territory in the Notification Center drop down menu.

So far there’s been no word from Apple yet on whether or not 3rd party developers are going get to use the space to create custom widgets, but that hasn’t stopped jailbreak developers. One of the latest widgets to surface is OmniStatRead More


2 Awesome SBSettings Themes: Black’d Out and Tapbot

By Alex Heath on Jul 7, 2011

We all love SBSettings on our jailbroken iDevices. The popular utility allows you to quickly access system toggles anywhere in iOS through an Activator action.

We’ve found two more awesome SBSettings themes for a change of pace on your jailbroken iDevice: “Black’d Out” and “Tapbot.” Read More


Anicons: Animated Springboard Toggles

By Cody Lee on Jul 2, 2011

ModMyi broke the news today about a new project that jailbreak developer Dan Zimmerman is working on. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Zimmerman recently participated in TweakWeak, releasing utilities like the Airplane and Wi-fi Icon toggles.

If you liked those tweaks, you’re going to love Zimmerman’s next idea. The developer is now working on an entire set of settings toggles for your springboard… Read More


‘SwitcherSettings’ – Add SBSettings Toggles to the App Switcher

By Cody Lee on Jun 20, 2011

SBSettings is always the first tweak I install after jailbreaking. Even when it’s not installed, I find myself swiping at the statusbar expecting a menu to drop. The simple utility gives me quick access to toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, as well as a respring function.

Though I’ve yet to find anything in Cydia that matches the functionality of SBSettings, the competition is certainly heating up. Jeff recently told you about Homescreen Settings, which places the actions on your springboard. I’m going to tell you about SwitcherSettings, which adds the functions to your app switcher… Read More


Cydia Creator Explains Why You Should Jailbreak the iPhone

By Alex Heath on Apr 29, 2011

Why should you jailbreak the iPhone? That’s a question that gets asked here at iDB all the time. If you consider yourself a jailbreak expert, you’ve most likely been asked the same question once or twice.

There’s perhaps no one man more qualified to answer that question than Jay Freeman, a.k.a. “saurik.” Saurik created Cydia- the hub of the jailbreak world. He is the man responsible for what the jailbreak community has become today. Read More


SBSettings Update Brings New Features and Bug Fixes

By Guest Author on Apr 18, 2011

In the past we’ve deemed SBSettings an absolute “must have” jailbreak app for all jailbroken iPhone users, and we still stand by that statement with the latest update to the hugely popular jailbreak app.

If you’re new to the jailbreak scene and have no clue what SBSettings is, basically it’s a completely free, fast, and skinnable device manager from the developers over at BigBoss. Here’s the best part: to launch the app simply slide your  finger across the top banner and a window will drop down with several, customizable toggles such as  Bluetooth, Brightness, WiFi, 3G, Airplane mode, CallerID, and more!  Read More


How to Update Cydia in the Background

By Guest Author on Feb 16, 2011

If you’re not the type to stick around while Cydia updates, then we have a solution for you. A few new additions have appeared recently in Cydia that will allow you to update the cache that Cydia uses without actually running the app.

There are a couple of apps that perform this duty, and both of them run as SBSettings toggles. This makes it pretty easy to update Cydia while you check your email and then quickly load up Cydia to get your updates and new packages. Read More

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