‘SwitcherSettings’ – Add SBSettings Toggles to the App Switcher

SBSettings is always the first tweak I install after jailbreaking. Even when it’s not installed, I find myself swiping at the statusbar expecting a menu to drop. The simple utility gives me quick access to toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, as well as a respring function.

Though I’ve yet to find anything in Cydia that matches the functionality of SBSettings, the competition is certainly heating up. Jeff recently told you about Homescreen Settings, which places the actions on your springboard. I’m going to tell you about SwitcherSettings, which adds the functions to your app switcher…


The app switcher space has been a fairly popular area for developers- just look at MobileNotifier. The open space above the multitask bar when you double-tap the home button is practically begging to display some kind of information.

SwitcherSettings does just that, as it places practically all of your SBSettings toggles in a neat little menu on your app switcher screen. Every time you install an SBSettings toggle, it’s immediately available in SwitcherSettings.

It even one-ups the popular SBSettings utility by adding more shortcuts. For example, tapping the Available Memory label automatically frees up memory, and tapping your IP Address adds it to the clipboard.

SwitcherSettings is available in Cydia via the BigBoss repo. It’ll set you back $2.49 and you must have SBSettings installed for this to work.

I like the idea of putting the controls in the app switcher screen, but SBSettings’ drop-down menu still seems like the easiest solution for me. Besides, the less stuff I have running the better.

Have you tried SwitcherSettings? Or are you sticking with plain SBSettings or Homescreen Settings?