This is not an SBSettings theme, it’s IntelliScreenX

Everyone seems to love my SBSettings theme, hence I get around the neighborhood of 100 inquiries per day asking how to acquire it.

The only problem is, it’s not an SBSettings theme at all, it’s IntelliScreenX.


Yep, that little toggle box at the top of my Notification Center has nothing to do with SBSettings. It’s actually IntelliScreenX, a tweak that we’ve heaped plenty of praise upon in the past.

IntelliScreenX, in my opinion, is worth its weight in gold. Not only does it feature awesome features like RSS, Email, and Twitter functionality form the comforts of Notification Center, it also has some of the best looking toggles I’ve seen thus far.

If you’re wondering how to get toggles like these, then try IntelliScreenX; it features a free trial, so you have nothing to lose, and much to gain.

What do you say?