SBSettings Beta for iOS 5 Exposed On Video – New Features In Tow [Video Walkthrough]

Without a doubt, SBSettings is the de facto must have tweak among all jailbreak tweaks for the iPhone. I think if you took a poll of 100 people, 90 of them would claim that SBSettings is the one tweak that they could not live without.

With that being said, imagine my excitement when I heard that the iOS 5 beta version of SBSettings was ready for testing! I’m happy to report that it comes with tons of new settings, and beautifully integrates into iOS 5’s Notification Center.

Check inside for a full video walkthrough of the new and improved SBSettings…


What to Expect From the New SBSettings

  • Notification Center, and traditional Activator invocation. Both can be enabled simultaneously
  • New themes, including HD themes for Retina devices
  • Custom Notification Center style options
  • All of the traditional SBSettings features you’ve grown to love

There are a few bugs that need to be squashed, mainly revolving around the power options, and the Notification Center dock option. But this is beta, and bugs are expected.

As of now, SBSettings is totally usable and functional on iOS 5 GM, and I highly recommend it to anyone running a jailbroken iOS 5 installation.

To access the beta version of SBSettings, add the following repo to Cydia:

What do you think about the new SBSettings? Are you as excited as I am? Let me know in the comments section below.