Newsstand in iOS 5 Causes Huge Spike in Subscriptions for Publishers

By Oliver Haslam on Oct 27, 2011

Apple has already revolutionised the way the music industry works with iTunes, and arguably changed the way mobile phone companies work forever. They set about doing the same thing with publishing when the original iPad was released in early 2010, but things haven’t really taken off. One of Apple’s latest additions in iOS 5 may have just changed all that, according to reports.

While magazine and newspaper publishers have put out their own apps in a bid to claw new life out of their ageing model, the take-up amongst customers has been hit and miss (with more misses than hits).

Apple’s latest addition to its content arsenal is Newsstand, a “custom news stand for all your subscriptions” which, the company hopes, will provide increased exposure for magazine and newspaper subscriptions. If Condé Nast’s recent figures are believed, Apple might just have cracked it… Read More


Kick Newsstand to the Curb With ‘NoNewsIsGoodNews’

By Jeff Benjamin on Oct 18, 2011

If one of the first thoughts to your mind when Newsstand was revealed at WWDC was: “I’m never going to use that”, then this tweak is for you.

NoNewsIsGoodNews is a jailbreak tweak from Ryan Petrich that completely removes the Newsstand folder from iOS 5 installations.

Inside, I go hands on with NoNewsIsGoodNews, and I also showcase the much talked about Newsstand folder glitch… Read More


Pro Tip: How to Put Newsstand in a Folder on iOS 5

By Cody Lee on Oct 13, 2011

Newsstand is a pre-made folder that provides iOS 5 users with an easy way to access digital subscriptions. But it’s a bit annoying for the folks who don’t use it, as its icon can’t be placed in other folders. Luckily, there’s a workaround.

There’s a nice little tidbit floating around the web from The Coding Massacre regarding Newsstand. As it turns out, there’s a small glitch in iOS that allows you to place the icon in a folder without the need to jailbreakRead More


“The Daily” iPad Newspaper Only Has 120,000 Readers

By Oliver Haslam on Sep 29, 2011

Poor old Rupert Murdoch really isn’t having the best of times is he? First there was the whole phone hacking debacle that is still rumbling along in the UK, then the same accusations found their way across the pond to the United States, and now it appears his pet project is a dysmal failure.

That pet project is, of course, The Daily — an iPad-only publication aimed at bringing news into the 21st century. The problem is, nobody is reading it… Read More


Breaking: More Mouth Watering Photos of iOS 5 Revealed

By Jeff Benjamin on Jun 6, 2011

As if you needed any more reason to anticipate the biggest upgrade to iOS ever! Yep, we have a few more savory pictures of iOS 5 in the flesh, and we want you to see them.

This next batch of photos show off three new features to iOS 5: Newsstand, Reminders, and Twitter integration.

It’s funny because prior to the show, Twitter integration was probably one of the most highly anticipated rumors. After the show, you almost forget that Apple even announced it, that’s how insanely deep iOS 5 is.

Check out a few more screenshots of iOS 5 inside… Read More


Newsstand Brings Newspapers and Magazines Directly to Your iPhone Courtesy of iOS 5

By Jeff Benjamin on Jun 6, 2011

The second big iOS 5 enhancement announced at the 2011 WWDC was none other than Newsstand — a method to directly access magazines and newspaper content from your iPhone.

So all of your favorite magazines — Elle, GQ, Esquire, etc. are available for immediate download and will reside in a folder that looks like, well, a newsstand on your iPhone’s Home screen.

Subscriptions will play a role in newsstand to seamlessly deliver your content right to the comforts of your iPhone.

New issues of all of your favorite reading material will be downloaded in the background and available for reading later, even offline… Read More

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