‘Bookstand’ Combines Newsstand and iBooks Content

To some, having periodicals in one place and books in another place can seem redundant. If you’re in this camp, then Bookstand may be something that makes sense.

Bookstand is a jailbreak tweak that places iBooks content into Newsstand, letting you access all of your reading content in one convenient place.


All that this tweak does is place a shortcut to your iBooks content directly into Newsstand. It isn’t adding a hard link to your iBooks content or moving anything, it’s just a shortcut to the content you can otherwise still access in iBooks. This is great if you’re sick and tired of switching back and forth between iBooks and Newsstand.

Bookstand should be out sometime within the next few days on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It will be available to jailbreakers for $0.99.

Do you think this is something that would come in handy, or are you content with switching between iBooks and Newsstand to access all of your reading content?