How to keep track of books you want to read in Apple Books

Want to Read in Books on iPhone

Do you get recommendations for books from friends? Do you often come across a book that looks good while browsing the Books Store? Would you like to start reading the next book in a series when you finish your current one? It can be just as easy to forget the books you want to read as the movies you want to watch.

Luckily, the Apple Books app gives you a way to keep track of Books you want to read. Then when you’re ready to start a new story, just review your list and pick one.

How to search in the Apple Books app on iPhone and iPad

Books on iPhone Search

The Apple Books app is a great tool for catching up on your favorite reads or finding something new to delve into. And over time, the Books app has received its share of new features like dark mode and a sleep timer.

But when you just want to use the app for finding a good book or one that you’ve heard of, you’ll need the Search feature. Like many of Apple’s other apps, the Books app’s search feature is flexible, gives you suggestions, and hopefully helps you find just what you want. Here are some tips for how to use Search in the Books app on iPhone and iPad.

How to enable Dark Mode in Apple Books on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

iPhone Books app in Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a wonderful tool for easing eye strain at night on your devices. It replaces that bright screen with one that’s more soothing. So if you use the Books app to read at night, Dark Mode is ideal.

Along with the darkest mode, you can pick from a couple of other options. This is great if you simply enjoy reading with a dimmer background. Here’s how to turn on Dark Mode in the Books app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to set up Reading Goals in the Books app on iPhone and iPad

Set Up Reading Goals Books App iPhone

Have you ever thought of keeping track of how much time you spend reading each day or how many books you read in a year? If you have book reading goals, the Apple Books app can help.

A handy feature built right into the Books app lets you set Reading Goals. Reach your goal each day and share your achievements when you do. You can also set a goal for the number of books you want to read in a year.

Whether you want to push yourself to read more or are just curious how much you actually do read, here’s how to set up Reading Goals in the Books app on iPhone and iPad.

How to save, sign and mark up PDFs with the Books app on iOS

Mark Up PDF in the Books app iPhone

If you work with PDFs, then you may have scoured the App Store for a helpful iPhone app. But what you might not know is that you already have a full-featured app for PDFs built right in.

The Apple Books app on iPhone and iPad can do more than just give you the books you want to read. You can save, share, sign, and mark up PDFs with it. If this is new to you, we’re here to help. Here’s how to save and mark up PDF files with the Books app on iOS.

How to only see downloaded books in the Books app

Downloaded books in the Books app iPhone

If you purchase a lot of books through Apple’s Books app, you want to access what you’re in the mood to read quickly. There is a convenient Reading Now screen, but maybe you want to find a book you downloaded a while back.

You can easily see only those books you’ve downloaded in the Books app and here’s how.

Our first look at the Apple Books app on iOS 12

Apple Books app

Apple Books is the new name for the iBooks app for iOS. First announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the update includes many improvements that should make buying and reading books more fun and yes, more accessible too. Here's a first look at Apple Books on iOS 12.

Where are Books stored on your Mac? Here’s your Books library location

The Books app (earlier called iBooks) on your Mac stores the downloads of your books in EPUB format. The EPUB format isn't proprietary and can be used even on non-Apple platforms. To get the original book files, you might want to find the location where they are downloaded and saved. This tutorial shows you how to get the book files and find the folder where all your downloaded books are stored on your Mac.