How to only see downloaded books in the Books app

If you purchase a lot of books through Apple’s Books app, you want to access what you’re in the mood to read quickly. There is a convenient Reading Now screen, but maybe you want to find a book you downloaded a while back. You can easily see only those books you’ve downloaded in the Books app, and here’s how.

Downloaded books in the Books app iPhone

Access all downloaded books in the iPhone or iPad Books app

  1. Open up the Books app and tap Library on the bottom.
  2. Select Collections from the top.
  3. Choose Downloaded.
Books app Library Collections Downloaded iphone

You’ll notice on the Collections page in step 2 above that you can access what you Want to Read, Finished, and Samples, as well as Audiobooks, PDFs, and all Books.

So, just remember to head to that Collections section to open whatever it is you want to read.

Getting to your downloaded books is easy in the Books app. So, with a few taps, you can start that new novel or pick up where you left off with that book of short stories.

Do you enjoy Apple’s Books app? Are there any tips you have for our other readers who use it?

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