FireCore releases aTV Flash (black) 2.0 for jailbroken Apple TVs

By Cody Lee on Sep 11, 2012

Back in August, we reported that FireCore was working on a major update for its aTV Flash (black) application. The software enables jailbroken Apple TVs to perform a wide range of additional tasks.

Well, today, FireCore released that update in the form of aTV Flash (black) 2.0. It features a new library view, which makes browsing through your content easier than ever before, and much more… Read More


FireCore working on major aTV Flash (black) update

By Cody Lee on Aug 23, 2012

FireCore has just announced that it is nearing completion of the next major version of its aTV Flash (black) software, 2.0. The suite adds tons of functionality to jailbroken Apple TVs.

Version 2.0 will bring about many changes, including an all-new menu layout, integrated search, and more. And if you’re interested, the team is currently taking applications for beta testers… Read More


FireCore updates aTV Flash (black) with support and more

By Cody Lee on Jul 12, 2012

FireCore has released a significant update today for its aTV Flash (black) software. The suite allows jailbroken Apple TV users to playback different file types, surf the web, and much more.

With version 1.7, FireCore has added a number of new features and enhancements to the list, including integration and a new Ratings system. Keep reading for the full change log… Read More


aTV Flash (black) receives another awesome update

By Jeff Benjamin on Jun 2, 2012

The folks over at FireCore just can’t stop releasing awesome updates to their Apple TV 2 jailbreak software. The latest update to aTV Flash (black) — version 1.6 — headlines with a new integrated subtitle download feature. This feature allows you to identify and download subtitles directly from the Apple TV, instead of going on a separate manhunt on your computer to find the files.

Along with the new subtitle feature comes support for playing DRM enabled iTunes content directly from the Apple TV. You will still need to use a username and password to authenticate, but at least now we have an option.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as changes go. Aside from plenty of additional new features, there’s also a host of bug fixes to keep your jailbroken Apple TV 2 running as smoothly as possible. Take a look inside for the full change log… Read More


FireCore releases aTV Flash (black) 1.5 with several updates

By Cody Lee on Apr 17, 2012

FireCore announced today that it has released a new version of its popular Apple TV app, aTV Flash (black). The update brings the software to version 1.5, and includes several new additions.

Among the new features is NFS streaming and a revamped media player. And of course there is a laundry list of bug fixes and performance improvements. Full changelog after the break… Read More


How to install aTV Flash (black) on the Apple TV 2 running iOS 5.0

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 31, 2012

Unlike iPhone jailbreaks, the Apple TV jailbreak isn’t as straightforward. For instance, after jailbreaking there’s no Cydia app icon to start installing your favorite apps and tweaks from various repos.

This is where a tool like aTV Flash (black) comes in. This handy package from FireCore allows you to install some of the most popular jailbreak apps directly on your jailbroken Apple TV without breaking a sweat.

Check out our video walkthrough inside… Read More


FireCore updates its aTV Flash (black) software to version 1.4

By Cody Lee on Mar 8, 2012

FireCore published a blog post earlier today announcing a new update to its aTV Flash (black) suite. The software package can add a lot of functionality to your jailbroken Apple TV, including an integrated web browser and non-iTunes content support.

The update, which brings the software to version 1.4, includes a number of new features and bug fixes. Keep reading for the full change log… Read More


aTV Flash (black) Update Brings Automated Backups and More

By Cody Lee on Feb 8, 2012

The folks over at FireCore have been really busy this year improving their aTV Flash (black) software for the Apple TV. Last month they released version 1.2 with a number of fixes. And today they’re back with even more improvements.

Most notably, the program now offers automated backups which will allow users to restore to the firmware of their choice with a single click. FireCore also added a number of new translation languages. Keep reading for the full change log… Read More


aTV Flash (black) Version 1.2 Released

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 17, 2012

We’ve been on an Apple TV tear as of late, so how appropriate that the fine folks over at FireCore update their excellent aTV Flash (black) tool for Apple TV jailbreakers.

aTV Flash (black) version 1.2 brings quite a few new features to the table, especially when it comes to the media player that comes bundled with it.

Included with the latest version are new video zoom options, and a Kindle Fire inspired “recent” pages addition to the web browser. Read More


The Benefits of Jailbreaking the Apple TV

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 16, 2012

Apple has always stated that the Apple TV is more of a “hobby” device than a mainstream one, as its popularity level isn’t even on the radar compared to hits like the iPhone, iPad or even iPod touch.

Still, there are many, many benefits to owning an Apple TV. There’s iTunes movies and TV shows, Netflix streaming, access to NBA and NHL games, and iTunes match among other features.

But if you really want to reap the full rewards of owning Apple’s marvelous $99 wonder box, you need to jailbreak it.

Why jailbreak the Apple TV? We’ll touch on some of the major benefits that comes from doing so. Read More