Following the advent of iOS 11 earlier today, Apple has now boosted its conservative per-app cellular download limit by fifty percent, going from a hundred to 150 megabytes.

The company wrote in a note to developers:

We’ve increased the cellular download limit from 100MB to 150MB, letting customers download more apps from App Store over their cellular network.

Bumping the per-app ceiling means users can now download larger apps and games using their iPhone’s cellular network. If an app or an app update is up to 150 megabytes in size, you can now download it to your iPhone on the go without bumping into an error message.

Apps and app updates over 150 MB require that you connect to Wi-Fi.

The heightened ceiling for cellular downloads is good news for developers who distribute universal binaries which hold Retina assets designed for multiple form-factor devices, especially as the upcoming iPhone X has introduced yet another screen resolution.

The last time Apple increased the App Store cellular limit was four years ago, going from 50MB to a hundred megabytes following the release of iOS 7. When the App Store debuted in the summer of 2008, it imposed a measly 10MB per-app limit on cellular downloads.

  • mahe

    There should be a setting to disable this limit system wide.
    So not only for apps and their updates, also for podcasts, iOS OTA Updates, …

    • Matt

      This ↑.
      So I won’t have to resort to moving SIM card between phones to download over hotspot

  • Tim smith

    Second to last paragraph….”upcoming iPhone 7″????

  • AMB_07

    I never understood Apple and their cellular data limits, this problem is non-existing in Android and should be non-existing anywhere else. Have it as an option, set it on by default and display a warning when it’s about to be turned off, problem solved!

    • techfreak23

      It’s to protect people from themselves if they’re on a tiered data plan. I myself am on an unlimited plan through AT&T, and I still think twice before downloading something that big.

      • AMB_07

        “Protect people from themselves”

        What is this? Kindergarden?


        kindergarden 😛

      • Juniors234

        Actually, Kindergarten.

      • techfreak23

        No, but the fact of the matter is that stupid people make up a large majority of their customer base at this point (I used to work at an Apple Authorized Retailer and Service center that also sold Verizon iPhones, trust me). People are extremely ignorant when it comes to data and what plan they have. You really think Apple would want to deal with the idiots that don’t pay attention to the size of the app they’re trying to download and go over their cap and then complain that it’s Apple’s fault? This is why Apple has to do things that are seemingly stupid and pointless to us. So I guess I was incorrect in my original comment. Apple is more so trying to cover their own ass so that they don’t have the dumbass users crawling up their ass or suing them about issues that aren’t their fault.

        Do you remember when they added the Wi-Fi assist feature and shipped it as enabled by default? People saw a spike in their data and complained to Apple about it.

        (As a bit of a side note) A lot of the changes they have been making to their software, macOS and iOS alike, are for those types of people. I have been saying for the last few years that Apple has been catering to them more and more and it’s very annoying for some of us power users.

      • Anonymouse

        If you have 10+ apps for example requiring upgrades and each requires say 70MB for example , it doesn’t stop your device from downloading 700MB does it?

  • moparbob

    Question, I been checking all day if there was any app updates and it used to automatically coming up and say there was updates but now under iOS 11 I hade to swipe down in the update tap then I had like 8 apps to update. Is this how it’s going to be now?

  • Dougy

    Thanks to cydia tweak 3G Unrestrictor. I’m able to download over this limit.

    • Anonymouse

      Roger that