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Following yesterday’s public releases of iOS 10.2, macOS Sierra 10.12.2, watchOS 3.1.1 and tvOS 10.1, Apple on Thursday seeded to its registered developers first betas of what would become minor software updates in the form of iOS 10.2.1 beta 1 (build 14D10), macOS Sierra 10.12.3 beta 1 (build 16D12b) and tvOS 10.1.1 beta 1 (build 14U707). These betas are available via Apple’s portal for developers and can be installed over the air on devices with an appropriate configuration profile installed.

iOS 10.2.1 likely includes performance improvements and additional bug fixes.

Apple’s release notes for macOS Sierra 10.12.3 state that the software “improves the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac.” tvOS 10.1.1 include general bug fixes and improvements in the operating system.

The company has not seeded a new version of watchOS to developers after pulling watchOS 3.1.1 yesterday over complaints from some users who said the software update bricked their wearable device.

iOS 10.2 came with a bunch of new iPhone and iPad features, which you can watch in a video hands-on demonstration above from our own Andrew O’Hara.

We’ll update this post with new features discovered in iOS 10.2.1, macOS Sierra 10.12.3 and tvOS 10.1.1 betas if and when we encounter them.

  • Vitaly

    Does it have ‘Time Remaining’ feature?

    • [RECON1]

      Nope. It gets rid of the battery indicator all together so you never have to worry.

    • Diego Milano

      What’s that feature about?

      • Vitaly

        It was a great feature at good old days.

    • 5723alex .

      Yes, under Energy.

      • Vitaly

        That location is not so convenient, OP asks about this time under the battery indicator.

  • Daniel Moura

    fuk u real hard Apple!!!!! Stop with this motherfuking updates!!!!

    • Diego Milano

      Haha, well… updates are good though. This one is probably just a minor release so most likely it’s going to come out quickly… and THEN…

    • Mike M. Powell

      how is keeping they’re own software updated a bad thing, making sure its safe,etc?

      • Daniel Moura

        I want jailbreak 🙂

      • Endriu Andrei

        I’m with you brother 🙂

      • Who cares about jailbreak when new updates are made to add new features and fix bugs? It’s really good that Apple is on the update-spree imo, because there are really good changes to the os. Also, jailbreak is pretty much dead right now, I used to do it but after iOS8 I haven’t even thought about it.

    • MMA Rules

      Jailbreak is coming Christmas Day, mock my words

      • Daniel Moura

        hope ur right bro

  • aquilez12

    So, new emojis?

  • Ric D

    Love the updates! Gave up on jailbreak.

    • Diego Milano

      Nah, it’s coming, just give it a bit.

    • Mike M. Powell

      i gave up after the first beta of iOS 10 ._.

  • Edward Pacheco

    “Apple on Thursday seeded” Today is Wednesday.

    • appletimemac

      Not at iDB

    • Petrohead

      Yep, it’s Thursday.. 8 hours and 30 mins into Thursday in the GMT+8 time zone. Your posting this was around 4AM local time. New Zealand time was 9AM when you posted it 😉

  • iOS Kush

    Staying on 10.1.1. hopeful for a jailbreak.

  • leart

    I hate those continuous releases, I know that modern ssd like the ones inside our devices, have a long life span but still, can’t imagine how much gb of data are writen for nothing just from those stupid updates.. and after 2 years and 75 iOS updates, people notice that the device it’s not that speedy anymore and start blaming iOS .. could be that the ssd is worn and causing slow speed..
    Apple should think twice before pushing updates constantly, they should test it in their own and not using people’s devices for test ..