Super Mario Run teaser 001

Nintendo is scheduled to debut Super Mario Run, its platformer optimized for one-handed gameplay, on the App Store on December 15. Ahead of this eagerly anticipated release, the Japanese gaming giant released a live-action commercial that’s all about speed.

Running two minutes and five seconds long, the ad features people from all walks of life running across scenic locations and in front of landmarks across the globe. The video features an upbeat tune and classic Super Mario notes and sound effects.

Here’s the ad.

Also watch the gameplay video from Nintendo included below.

To make the wait for Super Mario Run a tad more bearable, you can visit your local Apple Store and test-drive Super Mario Run for yourself. If you don’t have the time to go to the nearest Apple Store, check out my colleague Andrew’s quick hands-on video embedded below.

Nintendo has said that Super Mario Run will require a persistent Internet connection to help prevent piracy, which could potentially spell trouble for those with a poor Internet connection or a metered data plan on their iPhone.

The game will be free to download, but lifting limitations from the three built-in modes will require a one-time $9.99 In-App Purchase upgrade. Feel free to sign up on the App Store to be notified when Super Mario Run drops and download the official iMessage sticker pack to adorn your conversations with Super Mario Run stickers.

Learn more about the game at the official website.

  • Jerry

    All this fuss over a flappy bird remake? Why does Nintendo act like this game took years to make. This is another typical iOS game with a Nintendo GUI

    • Oh thank god someone said it first…

    • The Mario franchise is anything but a Flappy Bird remake. Super Mario games sold nearly 400 million copies worldwide to date. It’s the best-selling video game series in history—hence the fuss.

      • Jerry

        If your trying to say this is a real Mario game then I have a bridge to sell you.

      • It doesn’t matter if it’s a real Mario game or en endless runner based on the frachise. What matters is that an official Mario-branded title from Nintendo is coming to the App Store.

      • Jerry

        Woooo Nintendo!

    • Lit

      Totally agree. It is essential a Mario-themed flappy bird. No where near an original Mario game.

      • Jerry

        Thank you. I don’t care if SQUARESOFT came back and made this game. This is a typical iOS endless runner except side scrolling.

    • Lance Baker

      Maybe play the game first? I think it looks excellent.

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      Yeah, that ol’ feeling of playing on your console with the cassette attached to it on your CRT screen, in the 90’s…
      You ain’t gonna get that experience with that graphics, on an iOS device…

  • Scott Curry

    Cute commercial, but I was really hoping to see a live-action Mario and world…

  • James G

    This game will crush App Store records.

  • mrgerbik


  • Dilir Daiyan Aranna

    Nice Ad.