The iPhone 7 has a shiny new Home button that takes advantage of built-in pressure sensors and an enhanced Taptic Engine to detect and simulate clicks. Because the button no longer uses any moving parts, you’re less likely to break it. A new “Meet the new Home button” section in the iOS installer allows you to “make your iPhone experience even more personal by choosing the click that’s right for you”.

Of course, you can select between three degrees of haptic feedback that simulate clicks at any time using the stock Settings app, here’s how.

To help customers adjust the intensity of fake clicks, Apple’s added a new Home Button option to the General section of the Settings app (not to be confused with the previously available Home Button section in Accessibility settings where you can adjust Home button clicking speed and other features).

How to adjust Home button “clicks” on iPhone 7

1) Go to Settings → General → Home Button on your iPhone 7.

2) You’ll see the same “Choose Your Click” assistant like in the iOS setup assistant. Again, you get to choose between three degrees of “clickeness” for the Home button— Light (1), Medium (2) and Heavy (3).


After selecting your desired click intensity, “press” the Home button to feel it immediately without needing to close out Settings.

3) Tap Done to save the changes.

Here’s iDownloadBlog’s Andrew discussing the new non-moving Home button.

Like before, you can customize accessibility features when you triple-click the Home button in Settings → General → Accessibility → Accessibility Shortcut, as well as revert to the old way of unlocking your device (Rest Finger to Open) or adjust the Home button click speed in Settings → General → Accessibility → Home Button.

Check out our how-to series to learn how to disable the iPhone 7’s haptic feedback for system controls and interactions and learn about Apple’s new way of force-restarting the iPhone 7 and invoking DFU mode.

  • Three feels like one beyond the setup process, they need to add a forth setting so it could feel at least like a two..

    • Tim

      I am loving three. It feels so wonderfully tactile.

  • Bacillus

    Not even remotely intriguing how an erratic alt to something that just worked (taptic engin) spoiled another thing that just worked (3.5 jack)

    • mrgerbik


      • smtp25

        The taptic engine based home button is not even remotely intriguing (interesting) enough to justify removing the perfectly functional 3.5 jack


    I hate that My brand new BEATS headphone that I got for my 6s, will be useless to my 7. why oh why apple? home button I also dont like. I feel like, I’m putting too much pressure, too much clicking 🙁

    • 3BF3

      Agree with ya, i actually feel like im pressing a button its just weird, trying to time a screenshot is frustrating aswel

  • 3BF3

    Yeh i cant make my mind up, 2/3 though i actually don’t think theres a big difference between the 3 really. It does however make taking a screenshot more difficult than the past models, as now that its no longer 2 physical button to press simultaneously, now if you dont time pressing the lock button in unison with the sensor, then most of the time you’ll, like me, end up locking the screen or Siri pop up (if Siri is switched on). I mean its only a slight annoyance, as its not like i need to screenshot everyday.

  • KellyDreams2012

    Is there a way to just stop the clicking completely? I can’t stand the feel or clicking noise. I had it so it wouldn’t do it, but now suddenly it keeps switching back to making a clicking noise. If I do a total reset it stops it for a while, but then I have sign back into everything, and go back in on every single stupid app to turn off sounds and banner notifications all over again.