Taylor Swift Mic Drop ad Apple Music 001

Following an amusing Apple Music commercial earlier this month in which pop artist Taylor Swift can be seen wiping out on the treadmill, a brand new ad for Apple’s music service was posted Monday on the official Beats 1 Radio channel on YouTube.

In it, Swift is singing along to “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World from their album “Jimmy Eat World”.

The 60-second video, titled “Mic Drop”, shows Swift browsing Apple Music’s curated activity-based playlists before choosing one titled “Going Ready To Go Out” and finding a song she used to love in middle school.

She then goes on to sing along to that song, in the bathroom, using her lipstick as a microphone, as she’s getting ready to go out. The clip closes with the tagline “Every song for every moment.”

How do you like this new ad?

Source: YouTube

  • Jaleon

    Swift is singing along to “Jimmy Eat World” by The Middle from their album “Jimmy Eat World”.

    The song is “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World, looks like you mixed them up!

    • David Terminal Illness Loro

      you beat me to it lolol

  • malhal

    Ha great video and a classic tune!

  • Taylor who?
    Seriously I never heard of TS before.

    • :D

      Berlin based DJ, Producer, Co-founder of White Mouse Records


      • What are you laughing about?

      • :D

        Your joke about TS

      • Not a joke. Just the truth. Maybe it’s because she is not very well known in Europe?

      • :D

        Hmm, maybe. I’m from the UK, by the way. She’s really well known here – one of the most famous singers in fact. Maybe she’s just not as well known in other parts of Europe.

  • leart

    Eat World

  • andiebrust

    Great song. That´s all there is. The rest is plain not-so-great.