Gmail 2.7182 for iOS (app icon, small)

It used to be that creating an account with Google’s Gmail service required an @gmail address, but not anymore. Today, the Internet giant announced that users can now use Gmail without an @gmail address in the web interface and the Android app, with support for iOS coming soon.

“If you use Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail, you now have the option to Gmailify your inbox,” notes Google, with more email providers to be added in the future.

For the time being, this new feature is supported in the Gmail app for Android and on the web though Google is expected to refresh its iOS app with the Gmailify feature.

To link your Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, or email address to your existing Gmail address, tap the menu button on the Gmail app, select Settings, tap the non-Gmail account you’d like to link and then choose Link account.

After linking your account, you’ll see those emails under the linked Gmail address both in the mobile Gmail app and on the web at As mentioned, you can also create a brand-new Gmail address and link to this new address.

The same features available to users with an @gmail address are available to those who sign up with Gmail without an @gmail address, including spam protection, inbox organization and Google Now cards—without leaving your current address behind.

Source: Google

  • Richard Secor

    Not that this couldn’t be done elsewhere for over a decade or anything.
    Of course now I can have all my appropriate E-Mail goto my Spam folder, just like my last three months of AT&T bills (thanks Google).

  • I’d use the Gmail app if it wasn’t sluggish on iOS.

    • ticky13

      Have you tried Inbox instead?

  • James G

    Oh great, so Google can scan my emails from another account to show me ads there. No thanks. Sticking with iCloud mail.

    • Jack Wong

      If you really concern about the privacy, you should consider to host your own email server and cloud storage.

      • James G

        It’s a data grab by Google, disguised as a benefit.

      • Morgan Freeman

        People really need to ask the question: Why is it all free? Here’s a hint that I think applies to google- If the service is free, then you aren’t the customer. You are the product.

    • ticky13

      It’s amusing you think Apple isn’t “scanning your emails” just like Google does.

      • James G

        They’re not shoving ads in my email.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Nice and all but I’m already happy with Spark mail.

    • But what do you use for desktop mail?

      • Gabriel Anaya

        I RARELY ever manage or read emails on desktop.. When I do, it’s just from each services native web site. 98% of the time, I manage all my email from mobile with no problems or hassle.

  • Gaetano

    Anyone worried about privacy shoul start considering to switch off their mobile. You have no idea the amount of information your phone carriers have…

    • Or just use a VPN and your phone carriers have nothing apart from call and text logs and possibly location?

      • Gaetano

        Vpn is just for data connection. Think that just knowing on which cell you are connected to they can say where you are and who you are with. They know where you live and where you work etc.
        I stopped worrying about privacy…I just hope those company make a good use of the info they get from me.