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There is no shortage of App Switcher replacement tweaks available for jailbroken iOS devices. Four of the most popular ones: Seng, Auxo, Lylac, and Tage, have all been updated for iOS 9, and all work reasonably well enough to warrant comparing the four.

With so many App Switcher alternatives available, which one should you consider using? This is far from an exhaustive breakdown and deep comparison, but we provide you with a basic high level overview of what to expect.

Auxo 3

This is the tweak that started it all, and as such, it deserves respect. The initial version of Auxo 3 for iOS 9 was sort of a mixed bag, and was filled with several bugs. Many of those bugs have been dealt with. For instance, the Quick Switcher is more stable, although it’s still not quite there yet.

More than anything though, fans of Auxo were disappointed with the direction of the new Multi Center. With the iOS 9 version of the tweak, Auxo maintained the visual style of iOS 9 and incorporated the Multi Center features into its own dedicated App Switcher card. Although this technically works, it arguably makes it slower to use features contained within Control Center.

Auxo is the original, so it would be foolish to outright dismiss it, but it definitely feels a bit long in the tooth. Compared to some of the newer App Switcher tweaks, Auxo seems to have lagged behind on innovation.


The newest of the App Switcher alternatives, Lylac is like a light version of Auxo for iOS 8. It features a Multi Center inspired by Auxo, but it lacks a Quick Switcher. It’s a solid tweak that feels stable, but it lacks the diverse swipe-up-from-bottom gestures.

That all said, Lylac is the most feature-rich tweak of the bunch when it comes to customizing the visual look of things, but functionality isn’t as flashy as some of the other options. Unfortunately many of the changes made in the settings require resprings as well.


Tage is the tweak that you want to use if you want a stock looking appearance with advanced functionality. Tage’s App Switcher looks very much like a stock iOS 9 App Switcher, but advanced functionality lies beneath the surface.

Tage omits the presence of a so-called “Multi Center”—a combination of Control Center and the App Switcher—in favor of a more traditional setup. Tage incorporates gestures, and features lots of advanced and nuanced control.

If there’s one negative thing to say about Tage is that it isn’t flashy. It also features an annoying licensing setup that you don’t have to deal with when using the other three tweaks.


If there’s one negative thing to say about Seng is that it could be classified as a shameless rip off of Auxo for iOS 8. But in the history of ripoffs, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that does it this well. It’s so good, that it’s arguably better than the original. Seng features an iOS 8-style App Switcher infused with Control Center, and it also features dynamic App Switcher cards that resize depending on how many Control Center elements you have on screen.

Seng’s Quick Switcher works a little bit better than Auxo 3’s Quick Switcher, but it’s still not 100% perfect. The Quick Switcher would probably perform a lot better on newer iOS devices like the iPhone 6s, due to the presence of additional RAM.


If I had to choose between one of the four tweaks in this roundup, my decision would be with Seng. The other tweaks bring some unique things to the table, but Seng is the most polished overall. It’s not as stable as Tage, and it is definitely a bonafide Auxo ripoff, but it’s stable enough while incorporating the pizzazz and features other tweaks like Tage and Lylac lack.

Ultimately, the choice will boil down to your usage style. Many of you will prefer the complex simplicity that Tage offers, while some will prefer the visual customization offered by Lylac. At the end of the day, none of these tweaks are bad, and all have valid use cases. I think that Seng is the best bang for the buck, but let me know whether or not you agree in the comment section below.

  • Nathan

    Apple’s implementation of 3D touch and how it controls multitasking is amazing by itself.

  • Morgan Freeman

    I like the stock task switcher. Works well and isn’t weighed down with unnecessary features. Reminds me of the app cards (is that what they called them?) on my old Palm Pre. What a cool phone that was!

  • Damian

    Tage because it is the simplest and closest to what Apple would have done

  • Jayy

    1st place Seng
    Last place Tage

  • Zac

    Auxo LE? That’s my go to.

  • TotallySerious

    Although I love the look and functionality of Seng, my choice still goes to Tage. Only reason being it’s a lot more responsive than seng (for me anyways), the app switcher and home gestures work for me 100% of the time. Can’t really say much about Lylac cause I never bought it, and Auxo for ios 9 isn’t even worth mentioning

  • Uncle Bob

    Seng then Lylac for me. Tage crashed on me constantly (6S)
    so I removed it. Then I found out that dev stole all the code for all items he
    makes and credits no one, so I can’t support that. Copying/Stealing an idea is
    one thing, but to take the code, someone’s hard work that was open source then
    charge for it with no credit is just no on. I cringe every time I see Tage
    promoted on this site.

    Haven’t used Auxo, so can’t comment.

  • Mike M. Powell

    Seng #1 master race ^_^

  • David Crum

    Watched the video, was impressed with Seng, loaded it up, saw that it uninstalled Bio Protect, no warning at all. Bit irritating

    • Chris

      Cydia would have told you it was been removed, it’s also in the description.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Seng is #1! Customizable, simple, not full of bugs (like Auxo 3).
    Tage would be my #2. A really well made tweak. Never had problems with it.
    Lylac #3. It’s customizable but just not as good as seng.
    Auxo 3 for iOS 9 #4. Horrible.

    • Todd Sorensen

      You are correct!

  • Chris

    Even in iOS 8 seng was my favourite over Auxo, still is today. I’ve tried Tage and Lylac, but they both fall short for me.

    That said, everyone has their own opinions so Jeff’s nor mine should be taken as a solid reason to just use it – it’s your own choice.

  • Todd Sorensen

    The Tage activation is a negative? Really? You do it once and it takes 0.4 seconds.

  • Shaw

    Tage=Seng>Lylac>Auxo ios9

  • pr1son3r

    simplicity is Tage, Auxo has been replaced by Seng now,
    So its Tage and Seng

  • czarczarczar

    Seng is my favorite but it is currently not compatible with BioProtect , hope Elias updates BioProtect soon , it gets uninstalled when installing Seng .

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Auxo Legacy is still my number one.

  • Scott

    Quickdo is the best

  • Mallowigi

    It’s been my personal choice for years, but I’m very used to bring the stock switcher from the double click home, while swiping from the bottom only brings up the control center. Of course, the stock control center sucks so instead I’m using Polus coupled with Flipswitch for my needs.

    I’ve tried Auxo and Seng, but it’s highly unnecessary.

  • GrandMasterB

    Bought all 4. Tage is my favorite and the smoothest. Seng is the funnest and a very close second but just not as smooth. Hate the multi-center in Auxo, seriously.

    BTW, mentioning the Tage activation as a negative is so whack, shame on you Jeff.

  • Sentry

    Glad to see the space is still prospering. Sorry Auxo isn’t continuing to evolve as radically as I hoped it would, but with me busy at work and the developer not being able to commit tons of time currently, it’s bound to not be all it could. Hope I get more time in the future at some point to go back to the drawing board on the experience of mobile multitasking. +Thanks everyone for your support over the years.

    • Sentry, your concept basically inspired many of these tweaks and even inspired Apple to some degree. Be proud of your accomplishments!

  • tunutsaigon

    Right now, Tage is more than enough for me. Might try Seng to see how good it is, I have no idea about Lylac but I give up on Auxo… Never buy anything from A3Tweaks ever again. Full of bugs and support even worse! 🙁

  • leart

    this is my last switcher i liked 🙂
    on ios 9 im not sure why one should install those tweaks, the native one is just amazing and if you are looking for something that will give a break of your home button just set the assistive touch to work like a home button..

  • Digitalfeind

    I miss Vertex. Simple and looked the best.

  • Xee

    Virtual Home with stock switcher.

  • soundmanbrad

    Tage is my favorite. The gestures to close an app and to switch to the next app are the best.

  • Damian

    Auxo Legacy should be included in this list, it offers a little bit different experience from the other 3 tweaks, but so does Tage.

  • Lylac is best

  • Sad MAc

    How is it that people look at Tage and not Quickdo? Quickdo has an awesome task switcher that eliminates the need for many tweaks, not to mention it obviously has Tage built in

  • Marc Wium

    They’re all garbage. I don’t want control center taking up space in the app switcher. If I want control center, I just swipe up. It’s grid switcher or nothing.

  • Diego

    Can’t agree more

  • Eric

    Love seng, jumped the Auxo ship once seng was released. Wish “Auxo ripoff” wasn’t used every time that seng was mentioned in a sentence. It was created at a time when Auxo wasn’t updated.

  • @sexyhamthing

    Why all the silly names?

  • Laroja

    Tage for me. Didn’t even bother trying others because i was so impressed with it

  • Matt Perkins

    I know this article is old but why wasn’t SwitcherTweak mentioned as part of that list?

  • Leslie Bee

    Only Tage and Auxo work on both iPads and iPhones. Seng and Lylac work on iPhones only.

    I tried Tage, since it has a three day trial. However, it seems to conflict with Activator.

    So I’m sticking with Auxo.

  • Leslie Bee

    Tage and Auxo are the only two which work on iPads as well as iPhones. I tried Tage because it offers a free three day trial, but I quickly discovered it conflicts with Activator. So now I’m back to Auxo, because I like all my devices to work the same way.