Seng 1.2 beta released for jailbroken iOS devices

Seng app switcher

Seng, the popular App Switcher and Control Center replacement created by developer Charlie Hewitt, is now available as a beta download for iOS 9. The beta is only available for users who have purchased the previous version of Seng, so that will unfortunately leave a lot of you out during the beta period.

If you did purchase the previous version of Seng, however, it’s just a matter of adding Charlie’s beta repo to your list of Cydia sources to begin using the tweak on iOS 9.

Seng is, for all intents and purposes, an Auxo alternative. Give the backlash that the recent release of Auxo 3 for iOS 9 has endured, it seems that Hewitt is striking while the iron is hot.

In my hands on with Seng for iOS 8.4, I enjoyed what the tweak had to offer. It is very much an Auxo clone, but it’s a good one. If you’re not feeling the recent Auxo 3 update, then you should check out Seng. In my opinion, it’s more like Auxo 3 for iOS 8 than the most recent Auxo update for iOS 9.

That’s not to say that Auxo 3 for iOS 9 is bad, it’s just a noticeable departure with the way the Multi-Center is now implemented on that tweak. Auxo’s developer had to make a judgement call as to how to work with iOS 9’s new App Switcher, which means that some will enjoy it and some won’t.

If you previously purchased Seng, simply add Hewitt’s beta repo to your list of Cydia sources. His repo is as follows:

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