Auxo for iOS 8 launching next week, new dynamic Multi-Center and improved Quick Switcher teased

Auxo 3 iOS 8

The highly anticipated update to Auxo 2 is almost here. Yes, Auxo for iOS 8 will be releasing next week—to much fanfare I might add. To celebrate the upcoming release, Sentry has been teasing the update on Vine. If you can remember with the Auxo 2 release, a similar teaser campaign was launched on Vine. This time, the teasers focus on two brand new features.

Indeed, Auxo for iOS 8 is being submitted for release next week. Baring any hiccups, that means it should be released next week as well:

First the new dynamic Multi-Center. Notice how the music panel disappears when music is paused, and then reappears when played:

And then there’s the improved Quick Switcher:

These posts are follow ups to a previous teaser launched on vine earlier this week:

The bottom line is that Auxo for iOS 8, (or will it be called Auxo 3?) is imminent. Prepare yourselves for the release by going back and reliving why Auxo and its sequel, Auxo 2, were such a big deal for the jailbreak community.

From what you’ve seen and heard thus far, how do you think Auxo for iOS 8 is shaping up?