How to share Apple Music playlists

By , Dec 14, 2015


One of Spotify’s killer features is the ability to share collaborative playlists with other Spotify users. Apple music doesn’t quite take it to that extent, but it is possible to share playlists with your friends using Apple’s music service. In fact, it’s even possible to share one-way editable playlists that dynamically update on the recipient end once it’s added to their Apple Music library. We’ll show you how in this post.

How to share an Apple Music playlist

Step 1: Create a new playlist

Step 2: Tap the Share button and select a sharing option


Step 3: The recipient should open the link, which will open the playlist in Apple Music

Step 4: The recipient should tap the + button to add the playlist to their Apple Music library

Apple Music Shared Playlist

Once the playlist has been added to the recipient’s Apple Music library, any changes that the creator of the playlist makes will automatically show up on the recipient’s end. For example, you can rearrange the order of songs, you can add or remove tracks, and the playlist will update accordingly. You can also change the playlist cover image, or change the name of the playlist, and those changes, too, will reflect on the recipient end.

As a side note, if the recipient has offline downloading enabled for the entire playlist, then new songs added by the playlist creator will be downloaded on demand when possible.

How to stop sharing playlist changes

If you’d like to stop sharing changes that you make to a playlist, simply tap the Edit button inside the playlist and turn the Shared Playlist switch to the off position. The playlist won’t disappear from a recipient’s device, but future changes made to the playlist will no longer sync.


As of now, two-way editing, where both the playlist creator and recipient can collaborate on curating the playlist, isn’t yet possible. We’ve heard some rumblings about some users seeing such functionality, but we’ve yet to see evidence of such a feature. We’re hoping that collaborative playlists will come sooner than later, because that really is a killer feature for Spotify.

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