iOS 9 Public beta delete profile

It’s possible to update to the latest developer version of the iOS 9 beta directly from the iOS 9 public beta. If you want the latest and greatest updates offered by iOS 9 beta 4, but you’re currently running the public beta, listen up—it’s super-easy to upgrade to the latest developer version of the iOS 9 beta.

How to update iOS 9 public beta to developer beta

Note: You must be running the iOS 9 public beta to follow this guide. To learn more about the public beta, click here.

Step 1: Open Settings → General → Profile

Step 2: Tap on the iOS 9 Beta Software Profile

Step 3: Tap Delete Profile → Delete

Step 4: Reboot your device

Step 5: Open Settings → General → Software Update to check for the latest iOS 9 developer beta

Step 6: Tap Download and Install to begin the iOS 9 beta 4 installation

By using this method, it’s possible to upgrade to the latest developer beta in a legitimate manner without actually needing to be a developer. Keep in mind that this is beta software, so your mileage may vary. I did test this personally, and it worked fine for me. Be sure to watch the video to see it in each step.

Have you upgraded your public beta to the developer beta? If so, please share your experience in the comments.


    I guess they patched this… I tried it and it didn’t work. Tried twice.

  • Su

    I wasn’t able to update my phone is there some other ways i could try?

  • Joyce Tolassi

    I followed the instructions but it did’nt show the updarade to beta 4

  • asifpremji

    I followed your suggestion. Deleted profile and went to check software update after reboot. No update is found. It says it’s up to date. Thoughts!

  • Kimberly Ann Knight

    when I woke up this morning my phone said I had a new beta profile to update. When I go to settings>General>update it says i’m up to date?

  • Blindbat14

    woke up to the message new update available and found none-iPhone 6Plus-said up to date 9.0. So I tried this method-deleted profile and phone still shows up to day AND now there is no profile. What next?

    • Chance Evans

      Same experience. I went back to apple’s beta website and reloaded the beta profile. All is well so far.

      • Blindbat14

        My question now (I did the same thing) is the message on phone (was running beta) that said update available-is there one/where is it/how to get it and how do we know if it is up to date.

  • Manish A. Parikh

    Didn’t work for me. Please provide additional feedback. Says my iOS is upto date @9.0

  • Didn’t work for me! When I reboot, and go to Settings –> General –> Software Update it tells me “iOS 9.0 Your software is up to date.” Any ideas?

  • George Holmes

    Didn’t do anything for me. Settings still read iOs 9

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  • Tyler James Lopez

    does it work for iOS 9.3 beta 2???

  • Larisa Kudisheva

    I followed all the instructions, but was not offered beta upgrade. I am disappointed.

  • Chris James

    Didn’t work for me 🙁