Save PDF to iBooks

There’s still no native option to print to PDF in iOS, but a new iOS 9 feature might the next best thing. Featured prominently in the share sheet of Apple’s upcoming mobile OS update, is a new Save PDF to iBooks Activity. This new option allows users to easily turn a webpage or other document into a PDF in seconds.

Save PDF iOS 9

The option is limited, however, as once the PDF is saved to iBooks, the only export options you have are Email and Print. That said, this is still a definite step in the right direction for iOS. Archiving webpages will be much easier as a result, even if iBooks isn’t the most ideal option for storing PDFs.

Not only will users be able to save webpages to PDFs, but the option shows up in first-party apps like Notes and Photos as well. Being that it is a native sharing activity, it would seem likely that third-party apps would gain access to the feature as well.

Saved PDF iOS 9 iBooks

This is just one more step toward making the iPad a more legitimate desktop or laptop replacement. It’s the little features like this that really separate desktop workflows from the iPad. Although saving documents to PDFs has been around forever on the iPad, it was never native and required multiple steps to accomplish.

Do you plan on using the Save PDF to iBooks sharing activity in iOS 9? Share your thoughts on the feature down in the comments below.

  • This sounds great except compared to other apps such as PDF Converter by Readdle it doesn’t look like the exported document is styled properly…

  • Andy

    An iPad will never truly replace a desktop or laptop. The iPad Air 2 can’t even compare to Surface 3 Pro for productivity. The fact that iOS has no true file manager makes things more complicated than it should be, and even Jeff has noted doing things in iOS “required multiple steps to accomplish” especially if you’re working on files through multiple apps by constantly importing and exporting it through the share sheet.

  • michaelmoves

    I am so excited for this feature. But now I’m curious about the Reminders app in the share sheet I see, tell us more about that!

  • Umm, if your viewing a pdf then your probably viewing it in safari. You can already currently save a pdf to iBooks in iOS 8. Open in… IBooks does the same thing. I think they just moved the option to the share sheet

    • I was thinking this wasn’t something new and special either. I have been using the feature you mentioned for a very long time already.

    • 7proxys

      I’m reading a pdf in safari right now and I get neither “open in iBooks” or a “save pdf to iBooks” option?

  • 7proxys

    I’m reading a pdf in safari right now and I get neither “open in iBooks” or a “save pdf to iBooks” option? I’m using latest ios9 on iPhone

    • Tap once on the screen and the options appear at the top. I’m on 9.0.1 and it works just fine

      • 7proxys

        I tapped and tapped but it never showed. I reloaded the page and there it was. Thanks