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Contrary to earlier reports today, Home Depot isn’t disabling Apple Pay, it’s instead rolling it out to all of its 2,000+ brick and mortar retail stores. As Bloomberg reports, this will make Home Depot the biggest retailer accepting Apple Pay to date.

This is huge news, and certainly a major turnaround from the reports that said otherwise early this morning. Home Depot, which has been subject to massive data breaches in the past, is clearly putting its chips in with Apple Pay, which is known for its ease of use and its security.

Hot on the heels of Best Buy’s recent announcement, and apparent defection from rival digital payment strategy, MCX, it’s been a huge couple of weeks for Apple Pay. What makes this announcement so significant is the presence and validity that this will lend Apple Pay as a payment option. Home Depot is an absolute monster in retail, and this puts Apple’s digital payment option in front of millions of eyes.

Home Depot currently has a deal with PayPal for digital purchases, and this will no-doubt be seen as a blow to PayPal’s efforts to shore up its digital payment strategy in brick and mortar stores. Actually, Apple Pay has been usable in some Home Depot locations already, I’ve paid with Apple Pay in my local Home Depot, but the support was rare and unofficial.

Apple Watch Apple Pay teaser 001

Now, with an official rollout looming after an apparent software upgrade is completed to Home Depot’s systems, iPhone and Apple Watch owners will be able to pay for lumber, lightbulbs, mulch, lawnmowers, and the plethora of other things that Home Depot offers, all with their Apple devices.

Apple Pay is enjoying some big momentum right now, and I hope that this will encourage other retailers who might be on the fence to go ahead and take the plunge. Not only will this make their customers happy, but it could put a serious dent into the security breaches that we’ve seen at retailers over the past few years.

Although it’s possible that your local Home Depot may support it right now, official support doesn’t have a set time table. However, since Home Depot already has NFC-enabled terminals at its stores, it’s probably just a matter of testing and certifying the backend software changes needed to enable support company wide. In other words, I wouldn’t expect it to take that long.

What do you think about Home Depot’s decision to support Apple Pay? Do you plan on using it?

Source: Bloomberg

  • Andrew

    Next will be Wal-Mart

    • And that would be a wrap…

      • Franklin Richards

        Please no. They still have to outreach to other countries. Old Blighty is still missing iTunes Radio and Apple Pay is basically a myth to us.

      • Steve R.

        They just want to get the roll out right and have to work with the banking institutions of specific countries, so it’s not exactly the quickest of processes.

      • Franklin Richards

        I understand the banking thing. Especially with the sorry state the UK banking has become. But it doesn’t explain iTunes Radio, it’s been 2 years.

  • pnh

    I’ve been using Apple Pay at several Home Depots in New Hampshire since I got my 6 Plus last November.

  • Now Walmart, CVS, and RiteAid need to switch to Apple Pay since CurrentC was dead long time ago. Those retailers are living in the past.

  • Jacob S

    I have been using Apple pay in Home Depot since I got my iPhone 6+ last year. Anyways, they are not accepting Apple Pay since last week. Last time I tried at my local home depot was approximately 6 hours ago today. It did not work, terminal says a card swipe required.

  • What

    Obviously Home Depot would be on this since they got hacked a while back. Had to get a new Debit Card.