How to adjust or mute sounds on Apple Watch

By , Apr 27, 2015

Silent Mode glance Apple Watch

Like any electronic device, sometimes you just want to silence any sound emitting from them, and the Apple Watch is no exception in this matter. Fortunately, Apple has included lots of options for dealing with sound. You can manage sound and mute settings from the Apple Watch Settings app, from glances, and more. In this latest Apple Watch walkthrough, we show you manage volume and how to mute sounds on your device.

How to adjust the sound on the Apple Watch

  • Open Settings → Sounds & Haptics, and tap the volume buttons under the Ringer and Alert Sounds heading to adjust the volume.

Sound and Haptics Apple Watch

You can also tap once on the volume slider to select it, and turn the Digital Crown to alter the volume up or down. Using the Digital Crown is much quicker, so I recommend using that.

If you’d prefer to adjust the sound from your paired iPhone, do the following:

  • Open the Apple Watch app → My Watch → Sounds & Haptics, and then use the Ringer and Alert sounds slider to adjust the volume.

How to mute your Apple Watch

  • Open Settings → Sounds & Haptics, and turn on Mute.

You can also swipe up on the watch face and swipe to reveal the Settings glance. On the Settings glance, you’ll find a Silent Mode button that can be used to mute your Apple Watch.

If you’d like to mute the sound from your paired iPhone, do the following:

  • Open the Apple Watch app → My Watch → Sounds & Haptics, and then enable the Mute switch.

Sound and Haptics Apple Watch App

It’s also possible to mute a new alert and/or notification sound by placing your palm on the display of the Apple Watch for three seconds. After enough time has elapsed, you’ll feel a tap to confirm that mute is enabled.  In order to use this feature, you need to ensure that Cover to Mute is enabled in the Apple Watch app on iPhone. To find Cover to Mute settings, do this:

  • Open the Apple Watch app → My Watch → Sounds & Haptics, and then enable Cover to Mute.

Cover to Mute Apple Watch

It’s probably a good idea to become familiar with the sound and mute settings on the Apple Watch as soon as possible. The last thing you want is a loud ringer or alert going on at an most inopportune time. What do you think?

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  • turpissima

    What happens though when mute is off on both devices and you mute only your iphone? Will the watch mute too?

    • David Troup

      NO, and it’s stupid. My watch just went off in the middle of a symphony performance because I thought mirroring included muting the sound on the watch when you mute the sound on the phone. Why wouldn’t it be? No, you have to mute both separately. It’s the stupidest and most inexplicable design decision I’ve ever seen.

  • M L

    Dont have my watch yet so cannot test this, but I wonder if there is a shortcut to ‘unmute’ the watch. Any ideas?

  • jimmy

    If muted, will we still be able to feel slight vibrations on wrist?

  • My god, Jeff! Can you leave anything up to the user to figure out on their own?
    I feel like you’ve now covered every section of the User Guide…