Mac Wifi Menu Bar Advanced Options

By now, perhaps you’ve caught on to the trend that the Alt/Option key (⌥) allows you to do some really nifty things with regard to the menu bar on your Mac. For example, clicking the volume button on the menu bar while holding the ⌥ key lets you switch audio outputs and inputs with ease.

As you might have already gathered, the same principal applies to the Wi-Fi button on the menu bar. By holding the ⌥ key while clicking the Wi-Fi button, you gain access to a plethora of technical details related to your Mac’s Wi-Fi connection.

The standard method for retrieving your Mac’s IP address is by going to System Preferences → Network as shown below:

System Preferences → Network

But to quickly gain access to your Mac’s Wi-Fi IP address, do the following:

Step 1: hold the Alt/Option key on your Mac’s keyboard

Step 2: click the Wi-Fi button in the menu bar

Step 3: find the IP address under the name of the currently connected network

Along with IP address, you’ll also gain quick access to your wireless router’s IP address, the transmit rate, SNR, and more. You’ll find that this is also a good way to grab your wireless MAC address, interface name, and wireless channel.

Although you can easily find your Wi-Fi IP address by venturing to System Preferences → Network, this method will save you at least a click or two. You can also glean much more detailed information from the menu bar that you can from the root of the Network section of System Preferences.

How do you normally go about retrieving your Mac’s Internet connection details when you need it? Share your thoughts, opinions and suggestions down below in the comments section.

  • Ian Leon

    option click Dropbox

  • Ian Leon

    thats messed up bro 🙁 shame on you

    • Ian Leon

      deleting perfectly respectful comments

      • Ian

        alright thanks for bringing them back. could you delete the ones that say “you mad? did i give away all your future posts ? boo hoo” and “thats messed up bro 🙁 shame on you”

  • Ian Leon

    you mad? did i give away all your future posts ? boo hoo

  • Ian Leon

    option click on a link to download it

  • Iann

    shift click anything to go slo mo

  • Iann

    option click an icon in the dock to hide everything but the app you selected

  • Iann

    option click the green button on the windows to maximize without going full screen

  • Iann

    you know how you can get me to stop???

  • Always use the option key. Fastest and most efficient way to get things done.

    • Agreed!

    • Depends on what you’re doing.

      If I’m extracting multiple files I’d much rather do something like this in Terminal than extract them all manually:

      for f in *.zip
      7z -X “$f”;

  • Tarek

    Where can one get a good list of these shortcuts? I know there are tons of them.

  • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

    Son, I’m (⌥) with you. You’re grounded.

  • Hot12345

    How can you get the macadres of your iphone?