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Episode 66: Sebastien and Cody discuss Apple Watch battery life, Microsoft’s latests moves in the tech industry, Google’s perplexing position, more MacBook Air 12″ leaks, and we talk about several awesome new apps.

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  • AnoNymouz

    I made a mistake updating to 8.1.2. I had double the battery life with 8.1 on my iPhone 6.

    • leart

      try starting from the scratch like you were on on ios 8.1, i bet that the battery life will be still the same

      • AnoNymouz


      • RV

        set it up as a new iphone

      • AnoNymouz

        I’ve done three restores via iTunes, setup as new iPhone, I’ve deleted all data and return to factory three times, and I’ve also done numerous full battery drains and charged to %100 after….. And still the same. Battery was much better for me before I updated. I don’t speak for everyone here, but I see a huge difference.

      • leart

        Just do a test, back up, keep the back up on your itunes and use the phone empty or with some apps for one day, just to see is firmware related problem. The next day can use the backup to have all the data/apps back again 😉

      • AnoNymouz

        I’m not trying to seem like I’ve done everything…. But I had my phone like that for 2 days with nothing installed the 2 second time around. Only bc I was working long hours and was extremely fatigued to do anything. It was the same issue. The only I’m leaning towards is maybe apple screwed something up inside. Right after the I updated I noticed that my vibrator on my phone wasn’t working at all. I attempted a restore and factory reset….. Nothing was working. I took into apple and they said there was a problem. The motor had gone out on it. So they tried attempted to give me a “NEW” device as they say. The 3 devices had scuffs and marks on the phones like someone used for a week with a case and returned it. The guy at the Apple Store said, “technically all Apple phones are recycle metals, people don’t know that”. I understand that but I’m not about to accept a phone from you guys when the camera lens had a chip in it! So I told him just replace the vibrator. Took them like 20-30 mins. After that is when I noticed the battery life was terrible. Idk… It might be just a coincidence. Wow…. I guess that’s my life’s story. Haha

      • leart

        Bo, shit happens, honestly I had trouble in the past when the iphone was new, it took 3-5 cycles to reach a acceptable battery life, but your case is out of normal … good luck with the new one..

      • AnoNymouz

        Didn’t want to upgrade. I want to keep to my jailbreak but it definitely was 8.1.2. I’m running 8.1.3 and a huge difference after a full cycle of use and recharge. But if anyone else is having these issues, I would definitely update. Just hope there is a jailbreak in the near future. I’m not holding my breath.

      • leart

        I don’t jailbreak anymore since ios 6, stock ios is fine for me , if I jailbreak I can’t tell for sure how many times will restore my phone and to start from the scratch over and over again. Ok it is and it was fun, but I’m tired of instabilities

  • Shawn

    I have to agree on the Moto 360 front. A friend got it on release and got 2-3 hours of battery. It had a few updates and now gets 6-7 hours. Software optimization can do a lot and it is something Apple needs to get right first or they lose a customer.

  • Ilya Vorobyev

    All jokes aside but leave the intro to Jeff, I like it when Jeff does it. If he’s not here just don’t do it at all lol sorry.

  • Glenn Gore

    Does anyone really know what the Apple Watch battery life will be? Has anyone actually USED the device for days on end to see what it really will be? The simple answer to both those questions is: no. So, moving on from this rumor-mongering. Get back to us after the product has actually been launched and there are real-world test results.

  • Martynet

    Hey guys, just listening to your latest podcast and I wouldn’t say that all iPhones have crappy battery life as Sebastien mentioned. I disconnected my iPhone 6 plus from the charger nearly 12 hours ago and now, on the way home from the office, I still have 50% battery life left. And I would see myself as a heavy user. I’m actually thinking not buying a battery case for the first time since iPhone 3GS. 🙂