Everest Screen

Everest is a recently released jailbreak tweak that allows you to control your music via banner notifications invoked by an Activator gesture. Along with the stock Music app, you can use Everest to control music from Spotify.

If you’re looking for an alternative to controlling your music with Control Center, then Everest is a legitimate option. Have a look at our video walkthrough inside to see what I mean.

After installing Everest, head over to the stock Settings app to configure things. There, you’ll find a kill switch, a section to establish an Activator gesture, and other pertinent options.

Everest Settings App

Everest’s preferences allow you to enable an app shortcut, which causes the Music app or Spotify app to open upon tapping the banner notification. You can also use the preferences to enable Spotify support, show the banner upon song change, and display album artwork instead of the Music or Spotify app icon. You’ll need to respring when making any of these changes, but there’s a handy respring link at the bottom of the page.

You can use the banner notifications that appear after invoking the tweak via Activator to control music playback. For example, you can tap the pause button on the notification to pause music, or the play button to play music. You can also swipe left or right on the banner to skip and go back to the previous track.

While I see the usefulness of such a tweak in practice, it’s hard not to see the redundancy when considering the functionality of Control Center. Everest overlaps a lot of the Control Center functionality, which may cause some to question their need for the tweak.

What do you think? You can try Everest for $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Sound off with your thoughts on the tweak in the comments section.

  • Abe Villa

    Useless tweak. Things like this should be free. One thing I love about being a nexus owner.

    • iBanks

      I miss Music Controls Pro. Remote controlling playback on one iOS device from another was everything.

    • Alberto Espinal

      So if you are a Nexus owner what you doing here?
      It would be more useful to you if you hang out in a Nexus blog!

      • Manuel Molina

        Just because he is an Android user, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an iDevice or an Apple user either. It also goes without saying that the Nexus is a beast device. I just don’t disagree about the free part, as the developers should get paid for tweaks not already on a device like this one.

      • Alberto Espinal

        I have to disagree with you because because where I come from when you cross the line you have to pay for it, I personally have never gone to any blog that’s not an Apple blog, and you are absolutely not an Apple user either, but internet it’s free you can go wherever you want and say whatever you want, but that’s his choice to come whatever he wants

      • Manuel Molina

        I’m not sure what you were trying to say here. But I’ve been on Android forms and have said my two cents without an Android device at the moment, and I’m on the form commenting on what the latest version of the software could do better since I used it and wasn’t a fan. It’s input that isn’t negative or harmful. I think that’s what he tried to do, so it’s not like he or anyone should be banned from a site because you do not own the product.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Fair enough Manuel

      • Abe Villa

        Because unlike you I appreciate good tech. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m blind sided with what I only own. I don’t have to be ” in love” with every tweak there is. And I could say plenty about my nexus devices. Everything you own will always have pros and cons.

    • dudeimmexican

      Used to have a Nexus and the capabilities of “tweaks” you get in iOS, you can easily in Android w/ no prob.

  • ChaCha Abapo

    its like musiex 🙂

  • Abe Villa

    I decided to pass on the nexus 6. The N5 was plenty big so opted for the iPhone 6 instead of the 6 plus. This not my first iPhone but one of my favs. Just wish the would have made it a slight thicker. For that I would have had a bigger battery and no protruding lens. Still really like it either way

  • Endriu Andrei

    This is useless…what’s wrong with using cc ??

  • mickey

    I wouldn’t say this is useless. One less step compared to invoking CC. May be useful for some, especially those with music ADD.

  • I love this tweak specifically because it gives a quick banner of what song is playing exactly how iTunes or Hermes does it on OS X.

    I have purchased the tweak on my 6+ and I can confirm it works great! The downsides:
    – At this time the banner can only be triggered for third party apps by Activator action (e.g. Pandora, Spotify, etc…)
    – Transition between landscape and portrait mode with banner showing causes misplacement of Play/Pause Button
    – Repeatedly skipping songs causes crash to safemode
    – Album Artwork is tiny! (Tiny bar integration works okay though)

    Hope the dev will address these soon!

  • waz wayell

    Now listening is much better.

  • Philthy

    Isnt MiniPlayer the better Alternative? You can Place the MiniPlayer where you wanna have it and it Supports many Apps. You can also set which Tracks should be played next with Searchmode and without to Skip till you have the Track You wanna hear. iOS8 Version allready at Beta and should be available in the next Time.

    I like the look of Everest and find it a good Tweak but MiniPlayer has more Features and you can configure it more to your needs.

    The First User is right, Music Controls Pro 6 was the best Musikplayertweak i ever used. At iOS6 it gave another one who opened with the Appswitcher and then you could choose your Song with Artwork like a Carosuel or Cards like Chrome Tabs. Was really Great too but Never was at the Level of MCP. Anybody remembers the Name of the Second Tweak?