OS X Yosemite (teaser 002)

In addition to seeding the fifth beta of iOS 8 this morning, Apple has also released the fifth Developer Preview of its new OS X Yosemite operating system. The update comes two weeks after Preview 4, and well over a month after Apple announced Yosemite at WWDC.

The update is labeled as build preview 5 1.0 and can be downloaded via an update in the Mac App Store, or as a full download from Apple’s online developer center. It does not, however, appear to be out in Apple’s recently-launched public Yosemite Beta Seed program yet…

developer-preview-5via Matt Miller

The previous beta brought about just a handful of changes, but the big story was the addition of the redesigned iTunes 12.0. The update for the software included an “elegant new design,” support for Family Sharing, improved playlists, a new information window, and more.

We’re currently installing the Developer Preview 5 ourselves, and will be reporting back with any notable changes, so make sure you keep checking back with us throughout the day. If you find something not mentioned here, feel free to e-mail us at tips@idownloadblog.com.

What’s new in Developer Preview 5

Includes Xcode 6 beta 5 and new Swift command line tool for easier scripting.

Volume and Brightness HUD icons now look more like their iOS counterparts:

volume toggles

New option in Safari to show full URL.

Calculator UI is more translucent.

Small UI changes in System Preferences menu.

system preferences dp5

  • Developers only, right? Not the public beta

    • Melvco

      Right. I don’t think the public beta will be updated nearly as much as developer previews are.

      • So the PUBLIC BETA is Different with Developers Beta?

    • jalexcarter

      You know you can just download the developer beta version instead of the public one. That’s what I did a couple weeks ago

      • Brian

        How, if I’m not part of the paid developer program?

      • Yeah, I tried that a few weeks ago with a VM but it was terribly unstable. Public versions seems to be better.

      • jalexcarter

        just get the download links from like ibetacloud. it was pretty buggy before the public version came out but i feel like the current version is pretty stable. and i havent even tried the newest update from today yet so i imagine its even more stable than the last.

  • Gavin Strachan

    Not the public yet

  • Nick Pomes

    Do the volume indicators have a blur effect like the iOS ones?

    • No, it’s just a gray background.

      • Philippe Vézina

        They do have slight blur effect

    • Atmospheric Music

      Yes but the blur effect is really low on non-retina Macs.

      On my Retina MacBook Pro the blur effects is almost similar to that of iOS.

  • Jerry Smoke

    i don’t think the public beta will get this update. they may have one more for the public beta but everything else will probably go to dev

  • Gavin Strachan

    The new volume HUD looks terrible with Dark Mode enabled

    • Kyle Tyree

      Lol ^ agreed.

    • Nevin Merchant

      Any way to theme it or replace the files to make it look different? I can’t stand how bad it looks

      • Jassi Sikand

        It’s really bad. I liked the old brightness/volume controls a lot better (aka Yosemite Seed 4 and before). What works in iOS does not necessarily work in OS X. Plus, I feel like in iOS the blockiness of the controls is not nearly as exaggerated as it is now

    • Jonathan

      How the heck do you enable dark mode? Stupid Q, I know.

      • Nevin Merchant

        System Preferences, General, Use Dark Menu bar and Dock

      • Brian

        Allow me to out-stupid you. What IS dark mode?

    • Nevin Merchant

      How do they push so strongly for transparency everywhere and then take a step backwards with the volume/brightness sliders

  • Foellarbear

    I don’t understand why Apple wouldn’t update more frequently for the public beta.. More updates allows for more opportunities for the public to find Yosemite issues and an even more stable final release.

    • ✯Mike✯

      too many problems with people downloading and bugs installing for them to deal with. They’d have more issues with people complaining then actual results.

      • Gavin Strachan

        Besides beta’s were mainly intended for the developers, we can identify the issues more accurately, making it easier for Apple

  • tavophantomhive

    New bar for LaunchPad when installing a new app 😉

    • tavophantomhive

      Here’s the pic 😉

  • Kyle Tyree

    Also the navigation arrows are gone in system preferences, there is only the “show all” button now. (At least I’m pretty sure they were there in beta 4 lol)

    • Gustaf

      They are there in beta 4, so thats a change

  • Yash Gorana

    Few more changes :
    Calculator is more translucent.
    Change in System Preferences Top Bar.

  • Ian Leon

    new magic mouse alerts

    • Christopher

      I never knew they sold “Magic Mouse” in Grey… Where do you get those grey ones, mine only comes in white lol…

      • Ian Leon

        its the super special graphite version. It costs even more than the normal $70 magic mouse

  • Ian Leon

    volume up down does not make sound.

    using SHIFT + Vol Up/Down does make sound (a NEW sound)

    • CA

      Just go to the sound preferences and check the “play feedback when volume is changed” box.

      • Ian Leon

        Thank you

    • Christopher

      I just realised that Shift+Volume Up/Down on Mavericks cancels the sound feedback, something else they’ve decided to change and made opposite, just like when switching from Mount. Lion to Mavericks… this is gonna get confusing…

  • Damian

    volume does not make any sound anymore when changing the level

    • Ian Leon

      hold down shift and then change the volume… you will hear a NEW sound

      • Damian

        lol these changes are amusing. They could have come up with something more productive.

      • Ian Leon

        I hope there’s a way to bring the old way back. But I love the new sound and I hated the old one

      • Damian

        first of all I want translucent HUD, not this ugly thing that covers center of the screen. So distracting.

      • Nevin Merchant

        I can’t stand it either. Its hideous. Sometimes they just change things for no reason.

  • Szergely

    In Yosemite beta 5 there’s not just a new UI but a new sound feedback when changing volume : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyOR9wrYMV8

  • Ian Leon

    new icon in System Preferences for Displays. (Design for new Thunderbolt Display perhaps)

    • thomas

      wow looks really nice

  • iNeedANameHere

    Preview 5 is now available on my iMac using public beta

  • Jerry Le N. Fondamental

    How come i have a Mid imac 2011 and iPhone 5 both with the latest OS installed and the Handoff mode works ?

    • Atmospheric Music

      Because first of all, your Mac must support Bluetooth 4.0, second of all, your iPhone has to run the latest iOS 8 beta 5 and third of all, you must enable Handoff in settings on iOS 8.

  • Decio Arruda

    I really like the unified application bars

  • Mike Gentil

    does anyone know if you can use do not disturb mode yet?

    • Hak

      Do Not Disturb has been around since Mountain Lion. Scroll up in Notification Centre.

      • Mike Gentil

        do it in yosemite beta tho!

      • Jassi Sikand

        Click on Settings in Notification Center. You’re right, you can’t

  • Hak

    IMO System Preferences is really bugging me. Only a handful of icons are made for Yosemite and most are pretty bad (Mission Control, General). They MUST make it it better, especially Desktop and Screensaver, which has been the same since I believe 10.6.

  • Steffan Chang

    I haven’t had time to install the DP5 yet. Just wondering if there is any improvement on boot up time? DP4 and previous ones are booting up much slower than Mavericks.

  • Finder now has icons for devices, such as Mac HD and external hard drives. Previously in Yosemite beta builds, these icons didn’t exist, and were left blank.

  • thomas

    Hey guys I previously installed a ui theme on my mac with mavericks. I updated to Yosemite beta but I still have it. the uninstall dmg refuses to open. anyone know what I can do to remove it?

    • Atmospheric Music

      Seems like a restore is needed. If you didn’t backup that is.

      Anyone that installs Yosemite, either Public Beta or Developer Preview should do so on a non-themed Mac or a clean install of Mavericks to avoid issues like that.

  • Medi mido

    the sound is muted

    is everyone got same problem or just me?

    • Mike Gentil

      you have to hold shift while you change volume to hear it

    • Atmospheric Music

      System Preferences -> Sound -> Play feedback when volume is changed.

      • Medi mido

        I can’t change any thing from that
        I tryed to re-install but same problem

  • Antonio

    URGENT! Plsss help, i just downloaded from imzdl the full DP2 and then installed it then i downloaded the delta update 5 and i am having a sound problem, i cannot higher or lower the volume so i can’t hear anything and the picture below is the proof

    pls help me because its my new mac and i don’t want to ruin it because i was not patient to wait for the official version

  • Luis R Mota

    No sound in may macbook after upgragde to developer preview 4