Apple seeds iOS 8 beta 5 to developers: here is what’s new


Coming two weeks after the last iOS beta, which contained several visual tweaks and changes to, Apple has released iOS 8 beta 5 build 12A4345d to developers. Besides the usual mix of bug fixes and improvements, there are likely to be multiple UI tweaks and other noticeable changes. Apple has more details in beta 5’s release notes.

We’re currently installing the beta and will be updating this post with any changes we find. If you find any changes from the previous beta, be sure to email us at or leave a comment below, preferably with a screenshot of the modification…

New in iOS 8 beta 5:

New sound after a voice message is sent in Messages

Home Data renamed to HomeKit in Settings > Privacy

Minor sorting method change in Settings > General > Restrictions

Spirometry data types have been added to HealthKit

Swiping down to open Spotlight is much faster

New Spotlight blur on older devices

Brightness controls have been removed from Wallpaper settings panel


Privacy settings for Health


“T-Mobile Wi-Fi” carrier name


New icons for iCloud, iCloud Family Sharing, iCloud Drive, Backup, and Keychain

new iCloud icon


Continuity SMS sync now called SMS Relay, can be enabled/disabled


Option to Export Health Data in


“Last Updated” information for iCloud sync in Photos


“Predictive” toggle in the keyboard switcher


Option to Optimize iPhone Storage or Download and Keep Originals, Pause for 1 Day option removed


Photos app now displays the location where the photo was taken above the photo


iOS restore screen now uses a red iTunes icon