Apple seeds OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 5

OS X Yosemite (teaser 002)

In addition to seeding the fifth beta of iOS 8 this morning, Apple has also released the fifth Developer Preview of its new OS X Yosemite operating system. The update comes two weeks after Preview 4, and well over a month after Apple announced Yosemite at WWDC.

The update is labeled as build preview 5 1.0 and can be downloaded via an update in the Mac App Store, or as a full download from Apple’s online developer center. It does not, however, appear to be out in Apple’s recently-launched public Yosemite Beta Seed program yet…

developer-preview-5via Matt Miller

The previous beta brought about just a handful of changes, but the big story was the addition of the redesigned iTunes 12.0. The update for the software included an “elegant new design,” support for Family Sharing, improved playlists, a new information window, and more.

We’re currently installing the Developer Preview 5 ourselves, and will be reporting back with any notable changes, so make sure you keep checking back with us throughout the day. If you find something not mentioned here, feel free to e-mail us at

What’s new in Developer Preview 5

Includes Xcode 6 beta 5 and new Swift command line tool for easier scripting.

Volume and Brightness HUD icons now look more like their iOS counterparts:

volume toggles

New option in Safari to show full URL.

Calculator UI is more translucent.

Small UI changes in System Preferences menu.

system preferences dp5