Apple says iOS 7 is now installed on 90% of compatible devices

By , Jul 15, 2014

ios 7 white iPhone ipad

Apple has updated its App Store support page for developers this week to reflect new information regarding iOS 7 adoption. According to the company’s usage data, the latest versions of its OS are running on 90% of iOS devices accessing the App Store.

That’s just a small jump from Apple’s report a few months ago, where it claimed iOS 7 adoption had reached 87% of compatible devices. But it’s still impressive given what the adoption rate looks like for competitors, and how hard it is to move the needle…

Here’s the graphic from Apple’s developer page:

ios 7 adopted 90 percent

Apple noted on an earnings call earlier this year that iOS 7 had become the most popular operating system in the world. The high adoption rate can be attributed to several factors, including that some developers now build apps exclusively for the firmware.

The drastically redesigned iOS 7 was first unveiled in June of last year, and launched to the public in September with mixed feedback. Apple showed off its next major update for the platform, iOS 8, last month, and it’s expected to launch on a similar timeline.

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  • 50bbx

    Not a perfect approsimation of percetages… But let’s not focus on stupid things 😀

    • I for one would like to see a before evasi0n / pangu and after…

      • mav3rick

        Number of Jailbreakers should be around 5%.

  • leart

    Because theres no way to downgrade :))
    Thnx god i saved 6.1.3 shsh for my iph4 in ios7 it would be useless instead on 6.1.3 is running pretty fast and with jb i am not missing any ios7 features

    • iOS 6 is faster because you have a old iPhone 4.

      • leart

        That was smart 🙂
        Ios 6 is fast because is use less ram in idle. Sure the new ios it would make older devices to run slower if not ill stick forever with one device..
        By the way I had that iphone 4 this year only for collection ..

      • Waleed

        What app is that for such information Btw ?

      • leart

        On 4s ios 7.1.1

    • jack

      You dont miss em cuz you never had em. Typical cheap denial

      • leart

        Sorry but I don’t get your point, what do you mean with “never had em” what is typical cheap ??

  • leart

    Awww 2.x % are still on ios 5, i would LOVE to have again a 4s on the last great ios: ios 5.1.1

    • andy

      Yeah i truly miss dem times!!!! <3
      Back when i couldn't take off my hands on the iphone 4-5 running ios 4-6
      Used to have it jailbroken on that firmware and it was truly the best, summer time.
      Now its all colorful candy direction with ios 7 and ios 8 coming out in like 3 months or so….. :P!!!!!!

      I miss when i bought my ipod touch 5th generation, it was running ios 6.1 when i was loving it haha, i kept on using lot's of apps, never encountered a single crash, glitch, bug or frozen screen, just nothing! and at first i though it had run an A6 chip but it was A5 but nothing big really….

      • leart

        There are still new items on eBay sealed with ios 6 inside 🙂 iphone 4/4s, iPod 5 and iphone 5.
        I brought a iph 4 new in box with 6.1.3 installed, dumped the blobs with ifaith and tested the ios 7 on it. It was a horrible experience, and the amazing thing was that I can have ALL THE FEATURES of ios 7 on jb ios 6 and my phone will have a lot of free ram. I guess the ios 7 is designed to slow down the 4/4s so the users will buy new devices 😉

      • andy

        Hahha yeah !!!!
        Well IOS 7 is designed for newer latest devices like the 5S 😛
        I really want to buy an Iphone but its incredibly expensive !!!! 🙁
        Do you know any other ways in which i can reduce the battery life, performance and all that from being a cocksuker…..
        I keep restoring my device for no reason, i keep thinking it makes it faster and stuff haha……
        IOS 7.1-7.1.2 is still not that fast, i some how installed it back when ios 7.1 came out, it felt like i was running ios 6 again then after 3 days later, i some how felt the system was reducing itself by maybe 10-30%…….

      • leart

        I have a iphone 4s and it was on ios 6.0.1 till april the time I had to restore after being jailbroken for more than a year. I can say that it was a big step back in terms of speed, 6.0.1 was at least 35-40% faster even than 7.1.
        The 4s was a beast on ios 6 now for the first time it lags sometimes 🙂
        Now you should stop restoring since probably you are slowing down your device. Clearing the cache all the time will force the device to create a new one, a clean device is not exactly a faster device. The “other” file on ios 7 in iTunes should be 1.1-1.5 gb, if it’s in those level is just fine.

      • andy

        Ah ok, the upcoming ios 8 software, do u recommend me updating to it, i don’t really want another suffering shitty and buggy software like ios 7
        The bigger the size of the software, can that slow down the whole device system?

        The more i restore my device, i will more kill my device and slow down its performance????

      • leart

        It depends on what device your going to install ios 8. Yesterday just tested on my 4s and it was a horrible experience, if you have a 4s better to stay on ios 7, probably iphone 5 and later will run fine on ios 8.
        Now restoring to much will not damage directly your device but the real need to restore is at least once in 6 month or more. It’s pretty useless to restore that often, just enjoy your device more 🙂

      • andy

        I have an Ipod touch 5th generation 🙂
        Yeah probably should stay since i want better stabilization, battery life, performance and all that.
        Do you know what i can disable, in it’s best to make the overall system performance, battery life and stabilization smooth like ios 6 a bit ??

      • leart

        I tried everything and nothing really worked, but yeah for a little better battery life disable background app refresh and location services, fetch email data onece in 15 or 30 minutes. For even better battery life enable reduce motion but that’s the beauty of ios 7

      • andy

        Ah ok, nah i really need location services to track my location for weather and all that. All your suggestions best for now haha..?
        Yeah i suppose that’s ios 7 whole point :
        What’s your imessage?
        MSG me or i will MSG you, thanks 🙂 !!!

    • Sachin

      iOS 5 was great but iOS 8 has also done a pretty good job.

      • leart

        I agree but somehow the old fashion is gone now, ios 5 was so perfect simple things strait to the point everything was classy + google maps. Ios7 and now 8 are of course updated but are not that user friendly , at least that’s my point if view

      • Rowan09

        Google maps without turn by turn was pretty useless after a while. The iPad 1 can only go to 5.1.1 which I gave my mother years ago after upgrading to the 3rd gen. IOS 5 & 6 feels very dated when compared to 7 in my opinion. I updated my iPad to IOS 7 as soon as I was able to get it jailbroken by Pangu from IOS 6 and I don’t miss it at all.

      • leart

        Yeeah ios5/6 are dated these days, but lets see it in this way, compare ios5 in it’s time and ios7 for today.

      • andy

        Exactly right.
        When i had my ipod touch 2nd gen, all my friends had an ipod touch 4th generation running ios 5 and 5.1.1
        I was like wow ios 5 is awesome with all the new features needed for daily use. IOS 5 was fabulous, straight to the point.

  • -___-

    Wait what? 90+9+2 = 101? Fail Maths?

    • Dan

      no, it’s Apple, they have 1% more than everyone else 0.o

    • arvindb02

      The numbers are probably rounded off so it doesn’t add up perfectly.

  • Semek

    Jailbroken iPhone 5 iOS 6. Thank God

    • andy

      You truly lucky freak!!! haha i wish if i was on ios 6 still but thanks for apple to automatically updated my device without permission or so 🙁

      • Daniel Beecham

        thats not apple problem that you dont know what to do with itunes.

      • andy

        I do know what to do with Itunes.
        I never touched to Itunes unless i would like to sync my apps and all.
        Read my comment below to rowan09. thanks

      • Rowan09

        How did it automatically upgrade your phone without your permission or knowledge?

      • andy

        I honestly have no clue.
        I was using my device, i knew ios 7 had be released by that day, i never in touch into “software update” through settings on my ipod touch. When i charged my ipod because it was running below 20%
        Came back after like 10 mins, busy with some stuff that time. I was in shocked. I tried quickly downgrading back but then time was up.

      • Rowan09

        Damn. It must be settings you have on your computer with iTunes.

      • andy

        Ah damn :
        I wish if there’s a possible way of downgrading back to IOS 6!

      • Rowan09

        What do you miss so much? I like IOS 7 over IOS 6.

      • If I got stuck on iOS 7, I’ll really miss beauty and speed on my 4s…you probably have a 5 or 5s.

      • andy

        Indeed, i miss the animation, they were just fluid, fast, very responsive and thats what we just needed.

      • Rowan09

        Yeah it’s my primary but I have a 4 and 4S on IOS 7 as well. The 4 is a little slow, but the 4S seems fine to me. I guess I care more about the features added on IOS 7 over the look. I wouldn’t mind IOS 6 with IOS 7 features, but people in majority wanted a completely different look.

      • andy

        Yeah thats very true, well look i like IOS 7, its good but i dont like the fact that it can be slow sometimes and all but IOS 6 was just straight to the point in what people really needed i suppose.

      • andy

        Well you probably have an Iphone 5 or 5s.
        I have an Ipod touch 5th generation and thats two generation comparison.

      • Rowan09

        I have multiple phones but my primary is a 5s, I’ve never bought an iPod.

      • andy

        Yeah, an ipod touch is alright, i would love to get an Iphone but its far too expensive and the ipod touch is like a brotherhood 🙂

      • Rowan09

        Oh ok, I understand. I fix phones, so I sometime get broken ones and make them new.

      • andy

        Ah thats awesome! 🙂

      • Rowan09

        Look into it if you want an iPhone. Just go on eBay and buy a broken one, get an iSlack and new screen and it’s easy.

      • andy

        I just miss the speed, performance, all the features we needed for daily use, convenient features i had say. The icons looks much better than IOS 7 candy lollies :
        I updated my device to ios 7.1 back when it came out, after 3 days it felt like it was running a bit weird. In terms of slowness, lags a bit, a few crashes on safari, animation speed.

      • Rowan09

        Oh ok got you. The animations can be slow at times.

      • andy

        Yeah all good! 🙂
        I don’t know why though, i installed ios 7.1 back that time, used for 3 days with no issues and suddenly it felt like it was dropping its performance and all maybe by 10-30% : idk why…..

        Is there a way to solve that problem, had be great ?

      • Rowan09

        What performance issues?

      • andy

        Like it just feels like ios 7.0.6 animation speed at times and it runs like good at times.
        When i use facebook, i exited out of it and i swiped back to my main screen and i experienced massive lag and performance. Idk how to explain but it just feels a bit slowish, idk if its my ipod touch or the software…

  • Awes

    Guess I’m in the 9% that still has a brain and good taste.

    • andy

      Goood man haha 😉

  • Marcel Herba

    iOS 6 for life

  • MAB

    Nd dats becoz a jailbreak is available! other wise if there no jb for ios 8 lets c how many ppl do update to ios 8! 😀

  • test_11

    Jailbroken iPod Touch 4G really faster iOS 6 :o..

  • White Michael Jackson

    Im in the 2% 5.1.1 for life

  • Alan

    Never 😮


    Sure why not Cydia is out

    • Rowan09

      Totally agree. When a jailbreak is released I upgrade to the latest OS.

  • niks


  • Prasanth P Kumar

    Dats awesome

  • iamse7en

    Well you killed FaceTime… I’m sure that helped your numbers.

    I’m too stubborn. I am the 9%.