Apple says iOS 7 is now installed on 90% of compatible devices

ios 7 white iPhone ipad

Apple has updated its App Store support page for developers this week to reflect new information regarding iOS 7 adoption. According to the company’s usage data, the latest versions of its OS are running on 90% of iOS devices accessing the App Store.

That’s just a small jump from Apple’s report a few months ago, where it claimed iOS 7 adoption had reached 87% of compatible devices. But it’s still impressive given what the adoption rate looks like for competitors, and how hard it is to move the needle…

Here’s the graphic from Apple’s developer page:

ios 7 adopted 90 percent

Apple noted on an earnings call earlier this year that iOS 7 had become the most popular operating system in the world. The high adoption rate can be attributed to several factors, including that some developers now build apps exclusively for the firmware.

The drastically redesigned iOS 7 was first unveiled in June of last year, and launched to the public in September with mixed feedback. Apple showed off its next major update for the platform, iOS 8, last month, and it’s expected to launch on a similar timeline.