Episode 57: Special guest Jim Gresham joins Cody Lee and Jeff Benjamin in a discussion of all things jailbreak. Inside we discuss the state of a potential iOS 7.1 jailbreak, tons of new jailbreak tweaks, and some not-so-new jailbreak goodies.

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  • Julian Kieferle

    Definitetly there is no way to compare IOS and Android in customisation. Android is more customizeable but thats not the point i think. what is way more important for me and i think for most the people its still about simplicity. And if you can extent this simplicity in a way it is more useful to you its awesome. I like android, i used the s4 nearly a year but it isnt quiete the same. now its an iPhone 5c and im happy everyday that i made the decision to sell the galaxy s4.
    Sorry for all spelling mistakes, very unconzentrated and not a native 😉

  • Robert Hancock

    I’d like to hear you guys talk more on baseband unlocks—yes there are a lot of us out here with carriers (SoftBank, au, Docomo and others) who NEVER unlock iPhones even when they reach off-contract so there is no IMEI unlock.