How to automatically display the keyboard when creating a new Safari tab

NewTabKeyboard 3

NewTabKeyboard is a brand new jailbreak tweak that’s available on Cydia’s Big Boss repo for free. It allows you to launch a new tab and display the keyboard immediately for text input.

After you install NewTabKeyboard, it starts working immediately, and there are no options to configure. Check out our video walkthrough of the tweak in action after the break.

There is one downside to using NewTabKeyboard in the version that’s currently available on Cydia. The keyboard won’t automatically display unless you open a new tab from an actual web page. If you try to open a new tab from a blank page, or the favorites menu, the new tab will open without invoking the keyboard.

NewTabKeyboard 1

Outside of that misstep, NewTabKeyboard works pretty much as described. Hopefully the developer can correct the tweak to work perfectly in a future update.

What do you think? NewTabKeyboard can be downloaded now free of charge from Cydia. Sound off in the comments below.