The state of the iOS 7.1 jailbreak

Home screen jailbreak theme status bar

If you are a frequent reader of iDB, or simply an avid jailbreaker, you probably already know that there is not currently a public jailbreak for iOS 7.1. But since we still get dozens of questions on this per day, we figured it was time to do a post on the topic to help clear the air.

For a little background, the evad3rs released evasi0n7 late last year to jailbreak devices running iOS 7. It had a pretty good run, lasting through 6 updates, but it was finally patched by Apple in March with iOS 7.1. So those who have updated to 7.1 have begun asking: now what?

Unfortunately, if you updated your device to iOS 7.1, there’s not much you can do right now in terms of jailbreaking. There’s no way for you to downgrade your iPhone or iPad to an earlier version of iOS, and again there is no public jailbreak available for the latest firmware.

So will you ever be able to jailbreak iOS 7.1? It’s possible, but it certainly seems unlikely in the near future. With WWDC now just a month away, it would make more sense for the evad3rs (and anyone else working on the jailbreak) to save their work for the far bigger iOS 8 release.

We spoke with the team’s frontman pod2g a few weeks ago about the iOS 7.1 jailbreak, and he shared the sentiment:

Not today, and I don’t know about the future. I’ve started to look at it, and started to find some stuff. I think that something’s possible. It depends on when it happens—I mean if we have a jailbreak in one month, for sure we will release it. If it happens in 3 months, we might have to wait for iOS 8. But I’m definitely on it, definitely trying to find something. 

And that’s what we know right now. Keep in mind that it’s entirely possible that another person or group could come up with a viable iOS 7.1 jailbreak, and the evad3rs could still surprise us. But rest assured that we will let you know as soon as possible, if/when that happens.

In the meantime, if you happen to see a website that claims to have an iOS 7.1 jailbreak, it’s more than likely a scam. What typically happens is they’ll offer a download saying that it’s a new jailbreak tool, but it’s either just evasi0n7 repackaged, or worse, some type of malware.

Any questions?