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Google has been dutifully adding new features to its native Maps application for the iPhone and iPad. Just earlier this month, we saw Google Maps gain a new feature allowing users to get notified when a faster route becomes available when heading towards a destination in the navigation mode.

Today’s minor update, now live in the App Store, includes the obligatory bug fixes and another new feature: an improved route planning with multiple modes of transit.

Although it seems like a minor addition, the feature is quite handy when planning your route because you are no longer limited to defining a route based on either walking, driving or biking and can instead choose multiple modes of transit…

Apart from this new feature and bug fixes, no other changes are listed in release notes accompanying the 11.4MB download.

Past updates have brought us numerous new features, like the ability to see your flight, hotel and restaurant reservations from Gmail as well as route and traffic overview.

The app also supports Waze incident reports.

Google last August started injecting ads into its mobile Maps apps as its usual way of monetizing users. The search company also released the Google Maps SDK allowing third-party iOS developers to integrate Street View and Indoor Maps in their apps.

Download Google Maps 2.7 free in the App Store.

The universal binary supports all form-factor iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

  • Jonathan

    Random comment:
    typing “ok maps” into the search bar will save the map on screen into cache. It must be a small enough area though. You can’t do like the whole country. lol 😛

    • RarestName

      Unless you live in Singapore

      • Jonathan

        After a while, yes. Or you can clear it in the App somewhere in settings if you want it gone now.

  • Rowan09

    After using both Apple and Google maps for the same location, I found out a huge issue with Apple maps. I typed in the location in Google maps and it gave me the location, but when I type it in Apple Maps it brought me somewhere else. I finally figured out that Google maps will get the address putting it in any form, while Apple maps is very specific like Navigation systems. I had to put in 20th st before getting the correct address. Apple needs to allow their API to guess what the customer is trying to find better and we will see a huge improvement.

  • yader

    too bad for me, ever since version I haven’t bee able to save favorite stars at special places for me that don’t have an address. for example my favorite picnic spot.