Apple 30 years of Mac

OK, Apple didn’t exactly return to Super Bowl with a 30th Mac anniversary ad like advertising legend Lee Clow a week ago hinted it would, but that doesn’t mean the company is letting the Super Bowl ad blitz mute its message.

Not only did Apple celebrate the occasion by letting ABC News and MacWorld interview CEO Tim Cook, it also posted an interactive Mac timeline on and a new ‘Happy Birthday, Mac’ section on the Mac App Store, dressed up retail stores’ window displays in Mac-themed graphics and hung commemorative posters up on the walls of its Cupertino HQ.

The company even hid a custom font on its servers featuring gorgeous Mac model icons. And now, Apple has posted a new video on its homepage dedicated to the 30 years of Mac innovation. The 125-second clip was shot entirely on iPhones and edited on Macs, have a look at it right below the fold and meet us in comments…

The video, titled ‘1.24.14’, is available for streaming on Apple’s homepage and through its YouTube channel, have a look at it.

From the video’s description:

Thirty years ago Macintosh promised to put technology in the hands of the people. To celebrate Mac’s birthday, this film was shot around the world in one day, entirely on iPhone. Here’s to the next thirty.

Re/code reports that Apple spent the January 24 Mac anniversary filming the video in ten countries on five continents. It was filmed entirely on iPhones and edited over the past week on Macs.

The video, which debuts on Apple’s website Monday, begins by proclaiming that the Mac was introduced 30 years ago with the promise to “put technology in the hands of the people.”

In the next 125 seconds, Apple shows just how that promise is being fulfilled, with modern-day Macs being used around the globe to do everything from document an archaeological dig to control robots and conduct an orchestra.

A message on Apple’s website describes a story “30 years and one day in the making”:

On January 24, 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh. And with it a promise that the power of technology, put in the hands of everyone, could change the world. On January 24, 2014, we sent 15 camera crews all over the world to show how that promise has become a reality.

From sunrise in Melbourne to nightfall in Los Angeles, they documented people doing amazing things with Apple products. They shot over 70 hours of footage — all with the iPhone 5s. Then it was edited and scored with an original soundtrack. Thanks to the power of the Mac and the innovations it has inspired, an effort that normally takes months was accomplished in a matter of days.

It’s interesting that Apple’s long-time ad agency TBWA\Worldwide was responsible for the filming. TBWA is chaired by Lee Clow, who was a close personal friend of Steve’s.

“While Clow’s ad agency did make the film, Apple opted to post the movie online and highlight it on its website,” the article reads.

As a reminder, Clow last week hinted at the possibility of a Super Bowl Apple ad.

“Good football. Good sunset. Mac’s gonna be 30 this week,” he wrote on Twitter a week ago. “Gonna be a good Super Bowl. Mac’s gonna be 30 :),” another tweet teased.

Did you like the video?

  • Willie

    This has come to shown how technology has improved so much. From the mac to our iPhones. Here’s to another 30 years and other milestones!

    • Jason Baroni

      10 years of iPhone is on the way too. Can’t wait to see what Apple may show us!

      • Mozaik

        Apple will show us the next step to the future.

      • Jason Baroni

        May God and Tim Cook hear your thoughts.

  • Litchy

    I like the ad 🙂
    Funny how 30 years ago nobody could ever imagine what would be possible today. They didn’t even dare to dream of something like the iPhone 5s. Makes you wonder what will come in the next 30 years we can’t imagine right now 😀

  • abdullah575

    old news !!! the was before 2 or 3 weeks!!

  • leart


  • butterfield

    Stunning. The marriage between these two companies has produced some amazing work over the years!

  • Williams

    I’ve seen this video on apple website and I love it. The video makes me believe that many dreams can be achieved as long as we can think of and fight for it. We should discover how deep the influence that Mac brought to us. I love this high tech world surrounded by Apple products.

    Happy birthday to Mac. It is already perfect enough for many of us. If something could make it better, that is Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player which can play all the Blu-ray movies on Mac. I think it is also a good news for all the Mac users on Mac’s 30 year birthday.