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It took several years for Apple to allow third party web browsers in the App Store, and when it finally did, many users rushed to download Chrome, Google’s own browser based on Apple’s WebKit, and basically a sophisticated wrapper for mobile Safari.

While users can now use various web browsers on iOS, Safari still is the default one. It means that if you open links sent to you via email or text message, the links will automatically open in Safari.

What if you want Chrome to be the default browser on iOS?

The concept of changing the default browser on iOS is nothing new. For a couple of years now, jailbreakers have been able to change the default browser to anything they want, thanks to handy tweaks such as BrowserChooser. As it turns out, there are several similar options in Cydia.

Open in Chrome is one of these. Developed by Andrew Richardson, and recently updated for iOS 7, the tweak does exactly what its name suggest: it opens links in Chrome. After installing the tweak from Cydia, any link you open in an SMS, email, or application will open directly in Chrome. Additionally, your bookmarks added to the Home screen will also open in Chrome. So will links opened using Siri or Spotlight Search.

In short, you’ll never see Safari again, unless of course you choose to launch the app and browse the web directly from there.

Open in Chrome can easily be turned on and off from the Settings app, which is always a nice addition, no matter what the nature of tweak is.

If you want to make Chrome the default browser on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, give Open in Chrome a try. It is currently free in the ModMyi repo.

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    wish they had the icloud tabs. i love using that. especially if i have to go the bathroom switching from mac to iphone is a sinch! or ipad

    • Connor Kristoff Matthews

      Google has it’s own version. Install Chrome on your Mac and login with your Google account on all your devices.

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        ahhh tracked .

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Does it work with Safari? I use Safari on my Mac but Chrome on my iPhone and iPad…

      • Tom

        Not as far as I know. You can either use Chrome on both or Safari on both.

        I know a lot of people slate Chrome because it is owned by Google and they are collecting your browsing history, but I like it. The phone/desktop integration is great, and with AdBlockPro installed, you don’t see any ads. I can’t rememeber the last time I saw a banner when browsing on my desktop.

      • WeActOnImpulse

        It’s not like Google is the only one collecting browser history. The NSA collects info about you, most Facebook widgets/games collect tons of info from you, half the sites you visit leave “tracking/tracing cookies” on your computer (including this one). Apple tracks people in detail, actually. Without permission.

        Google is secure with your personal information. They have actually been strengthening their servers against the NSA and Google was a big part in patching the recent heartbleed bug. Google also doesn’t share information with third parties. Advertisers pay money directly to Google, and Google delivers advertisements to you using its personalized advertisement system. I was in the beta for ages and now the advertisements really are to my tastes, now that it is standard.

        I trust Google more than anybody else with my personal information.

    • gawd damn.. shawty IS bad.. !!

  • SkyFall

    Doesn’t BrowserChooser do the same function as Open in Chrome, plus even more. For example Open in Chrome supports only Chrome, but BrowserChooser supports most of the browsers that are available in the App Store and lets you choose which one you want as a default browser.

    • Yes, as noted in this post.

    • Elias Chao

      The title sayas: “How to make Chrome your default browser”, so I think is logic to suggest ‘Open in Chrome’.

    • Oscar Perez

      I don’t know about browserchooser but browser changer does the same thing and it also allows you to set google maps as default which I find to be pretty convenient.

  • Y2J

    The problem that I have with mobile Chrome, is that it auto-reloads way too often.

    • WeActOnImpulse

      Doesn’t happen on Android. Must be an Apple restriction. I have literally never had that problem.

    • Brandon Butler

      It depends on the amount of RAM your device has. I have an iPad Air 2 and browsers are so much better now. I can have 10+ tabs open without needing to reload them since it has 2GB of RAM

      • Y2J

        Really? I really need to upgrade my iPad then haha. I’ll likely just wait until next year, though. Thanks for the info bro

      • Brandon Butler

        Glad I could help. I went from an iPad 3 to an iPad Air 2… it’s like a night and day difference in performance 😀

      • Y2J

        Even better to know since I have an iPad3 😀

  • Eduardo Diaz

    This + Nitrous + IWebBoost = Perfection

    • Elias Chao

      I thought Nitrous and iWebBoost does the same thing.

      • Tashawn

        They do. Which sucks because some of Nitrous sells are going to iWebBoost. Why remake the same tweak?

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Even with Nitrous installed. Safari smoother on iphone compared to chrome. Chrome desktop is more useful and powerful but power and ram hungry.

      • WeActOnImpulse

        Yeah Chrome is definitely the fastest and best…. If you have the hardware to run it.

        It barely runs on low-end Win7 systems and High-end WinXP systems.

    • Having botb nitrous and iweboost is a waste and causes more instability, just use nitrous

  • Prasoon Singh

    I don’t need Chrome now after Safari got updated with iOS 7.

    • Elias Chao

      I love the ‘go back’ swipe gesture.

      • QuarterSwede

        I’m addicted to that feature. I can’t use any browser that doesn’t have it. It’s too useful and quick.

    • But for sync, my chrome on pc and chrome on phone, sync perfect! I don’t use icloud on pc so a waste :p

  • felixtaf

    No thanks… Safari is fine for me…. (Although I couldnt take the icon).

    • Anthony Nguyen

      what’s so bad about that icon? a lot of people hate it too, but i don’t see nothing horrible about it.

      • felixtaf

        Thats y I said, I couldnt take it… Dont like the new icons of safari, hangouts, dropbox, mailbox, drive etc…. The white backgrounds make them look unfinished to me… Not so horrible, but I dint like them…

      • WeActOnImpulse

        Yeah that’s always annoying that you can’t change icons or customize on ios… Apple get your shit together… If you’re going to copy Android at least do it right.

  • Smooth75

    Not as interested in this as I am to make Google Maps the default Maps app.

    • jmh2002

      Install the original Browser Changer (not Browser Chooser) and you can choose the default browser and set Google Maps as the default for links too. If you are using chrome, then chrome also has it’s own setting to open links either inside the browser or direct to google maps. Browser Changer rocks!

      • SimonReidy

        +1 for Browser Changer. I just wish it could be toggled using control center (via flipswitch) and then it would be perfect.

  • Matt Taylor

    Now we just need “OpenInMailbox” for email 🙂

  • Marcus Brown

    Would use Chrome but you can’t use the auto fill passwords that have been stored via safari, can you?

    • SimonReidy

      No, but it has its own option to sync usernames and passwords between Chrome on any other device. Chrome on iOS is really only a good choice for people that use Chrome across all platforms.

      • Marcus Brown

        Only just seen this but thought i would reply, see i use safari so all my passwords are already saved in there. Be a nightmare trying to transfer over.

  • Aaron

    Im using BrowserChanger, theres alot more option than only Chrome

  • I’d love for Chrome to be a good browser on iPhone. Unfortunately I feel it’s just not as good. Opening new tabs, bookmarks and other options are too difficult to do quickly. Safari is much faster in that aspect. Chrome is also jittery when scrolling. I’ll stick with Safari until they can tighten up Chrome.

  • Nirvana

    Is BrowserChooser updated yet? For iOS 7

    • Tashawn


  • I don’t, but I do like for people to know they have options 🙂

  • babiloe

    You need nitrous to get chrome compile javascript as fast as default safari to get nitro.
    Javascript is faster because ios get something like mmx/sse stuff processed on the processor hood.

  • Coupled with Nitrous tweak, my fave browser, dislike icloud and safari stuff

  • NicholasFilatov

    Could someone point me in the direction of a tweak that will allow me to download files in Chrome and open in iFile? I would appreciate it. Not sure if anything like this exists.

  • John Smith

    iirc Chrome was way late, other browsers were in the app store long before Chrome.

  • g0didit

    Chrome, biggest spyware among all programs.

  • Neither tweaks work for URLs in the Notes app

  • Quin

    I don’t think this works anymore.
    Recently jailbroke my iPad and tried Open in Chrome as well as BrowserChooser and Safari is still the default (although BC says open in Chrome), and the links are opened in Safari.

    Any news, updates?
    I’m on 7.1.2

  • 神燈

    it not work on ios7.1.2…

  • Angelo

    hey folks, any ideas on how to have AdBlock browser as the default browser in iOS?