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In what’s now become a recurring theme, Windows maker Microsoft just fired the latest salvo of television commercials that predictably portray Apple’s iPad as a lesser tablet. Posted on the official Surface blog, a pair of holiday-themed advertisements highlight one hardware and one software feature of the Microsoft tablet: a built-in kickstand and multi-account support.

The Redmond giant doesn’t shy away from mentioning the iPad brand name in the videos. “Free apps on the iPad don’t offer the same hands-free technology,” says the voiceover in the first ad that highlights a Food & Drink app which come preloaded with Windows 8.1. The other ad lambasts Apple’s device because it “doesn’t allow for multiple accounts and does not have the ability to monitor usage”

The blog post reads:

It is officially the holiday season and we know that many of you are in the middle of deciding which devices to purchase for family, friends, and yourselves. As you consider the alternatives, you should think about what you want to do on your tablet.

Surface is designed and built for people who want to do more and be productive on a tablet. This means different things to different people, so we’ve put together a series of videos (with more to come) to show you how Surface compares to its competition in accomplishing many of the things you do every day.

The $499 Surface 2 and $899 Surface 2 Pro were released in September, by the way.

Here’s the ‘Cooking’ ad.

And the ‘Sharing With Family’ one.

In my personal opinion, these ads would have worked much better had Microsoft resisted targeting the iPad. Conceptually, these clips antagonize iPad owners who may be considering jumping ship, plus those who detest negative advertising.

More iPad bashing can be found on the Surface’s YouTube channel or our archive.

By the way, it’s not just Apple – here are Rick and the Old Man from Gold & Silver Pawn Shop dissing Chromebooks in Microsoft’s latest Scroogled ad.

It was only yesterday that Microsoft’s soon-to-become handset subsidiary Nokia posted a really weird Lumia 2520 ad criticizing the iPad’s lack of a physical keyboard.

Here’s to hoping that one day Microsoft will feel confident enough to air commercials that show off unique features, as opposed to providing Apple with free advertising.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Here we go again…

  • jocastro

    please stop seriously

    • Carlos Gomes

      Come one, guise! Why do you keep stoping funnily?
      I’ve told you, you have to stop seriously!

  • Franklin Richards

    At least when Apple did it it was funny and tasteful. And I agree with you Christian, I would’ve been more convinced if they didn’t try to do a versus thing with the iPad. Makes them sound desperate.

  • jocastro

    even after admitting that apple is basically winning, they still talk mad crap….. when will they ever learn

  • Decio Arruda

    I was thinking of buying a surface three months ago, until I saw Microsoft was doing this kind of advertising. I just can’t support a company that is so mad that they are firing every single bullet at once. And if apple did the Mac vs PC commercials again, it would be well deserved.

    • Kash Gummaraju

      Never base your decisions off of ads. I find that you may lose out on a lot if you do.

    • Sean Clark

      So if Windows does it, it’s shameless, but if Apple does it, Microsoft is just getting what they deserve?

      That seems reasonable……

  • Salaried tips

    Negative advertising is just shit. Maybe if they were positive they might have 1000 sales instead of 4

    • Raashid

      Why didn’t you say the same to Apple when they made these 60+ negative ads (youtube com/watch?v=DZSBWbnmGrE)?

      • Salaried tips

        I did…

    • BoardDWorld

      It’s fine, Apple did it. But I don’t care how good it looks, years of freely helping many people get windows working right (fresh windows re-installs generally) has left me with nothing but hate for the OS and the company. Then charging so much for the absolute sh#t OS.

      I mean if I was an early adopter I would again be the go-to guy showing people how to run the touch interface.

      They can shove it between their legs & stock pile it with the other $900,000 worth of older Surface’s.

  • Al

    I think the problem Microsoft is having with advertising… Is missing the “cool” factor. Samsung does it with their Galaxy devices… they market it very well. Even when Apple did the Mac vs PC campaign… it had mixed some humor along with showcasing what Mac can do.

    I’m all for Microsoft advertising Surface against the iPad, they have to go shoot for the biggest draw. I just think they are doing it all wrong…

    • appleyay

      right and surface is over pro priced and lame as hell

      • Raashid

        right, and the Mac book Air still has a hedious screen, is way more overpriced for the functions it offers and is lame as hell.

      • mehrab

        Your right the macbook air is just only so powerful and thin light with an alumium finish with mac osx and you can run windows on it too coupled with the mac app store and its ugly gorgeous 900p display with 12 hrs of battery its absolutely terrible isn’t it?

      • Raashid

        Correct, whereas the Surface Pro is just as premium looking and powerful, yet it’s even lighter (only 2lbs) with a full HD (1080p) display and it offers more flexibility than the plain iPad combined with the i5 MacBook Air (thanks to its digitizer screen) despite it being no more expensive than the MacBook Air. And to top it all off, you can run Mac OS X on it (http://bit ly/1fIW2pk), but not sure why you’d want to have such a restrictive OS on such flexible hardware (besides for jailbreak tools)…

      • mehrab

        Damn you use windows. Poor you, dont worry save some money and get a mac you will never look back. Its not as premium.the screen is not good in terms of colors contrast, the OS is terrible hackintosh is illegal and terrible its like installing gingerbread on a nexus 5 it”d basically become a brick. Ecosystem is not there and if you want a keyboard the price goes up there. Your mindset is very immature your look at which one offers more flexibility after you get these products and actually use them you”ll really thing any flexibility android/windows offers is quite useless and not needed

      • Raashid

        Damn you love being restricted. I’ve tried Mac OS X’s restrictive environment (here’s a similar outcome http://zd net/1eSYtFV) and I valued the freedom to make my device look and work the way I want it to, hence went back to Windows. Couldn’t care less what them greedy capitalist think is illegal, they once called swimming in the same beach with niggas illegal…it’s my device, and I’ll do whatever I want with it. Your mindset is the perfect stereotype of a…

      • mehrab

        My mindset has nothing to do with what you said. Use a mac, you havent i can tell. Windows is not android. You”d have a point there but you dont when you said that. You never owned a mac im guessing then. Or just used a really old one

    • Raashid

      Well said, though, I think they have that already; their introduction videos of the Surface 2 (youtube com/watch?v=HSuqxDwPPEw) and Surface Pro 2 (youtube com/watch?v=TJLY4Cgk18U) and other videos showing how people use the devices, like this (youtube com/watch?v=2N3NYWlahNU). Christian just chose to write about these ones ’cause he gets butt hurt when competitors point flaws in Apple’s products, looking to turn readers into blantant competitor haters.

  • Barbara

    One word: desperation

  • Carlos Gomes

    Hmm I think that in most cases having multiple accounts on a tablet isn’t a good idea, considering the limited storage.

    From 32gB version of the Surface 2 you can actually only use 18gB, which divided by three persons leaves them with 6gB per account. Maybe 1gB for account settings, cache or whatever and you are left with 5gB for.. games.

    Right, nice pitch.

    • Uhm, if you know you’re going to use it with multiple accounts, what stops you from getting the higher capacity version, or simply expanding the memory with a MicroSD card?

  • dev29

    I wont judge the ads, Apple did the same by the time the situation was opposite: the time Apple needed sales and now MS surface needs sales, even though surface 2 is a great tablet, its still below the ipad, however is definitely better than android tablets

    • appleyay

      surface is dead

  • perri_dash

    When tablets were first introduced one of the main selling points was, no keyboard. If I wanted a keyboard I’d buy a laptop. The objective was to become more mobile, I have a desktop and don’t need a laptop but having something close it thats mobile and allows me to be on the go without carrying hardware and having to constantly sync stuff is satisfying. And why does one need any ports? I no longer use USB’s as I now save everything in the cloud. Stylus? My finger works just fine (that’s what she said), These guys are focusing on the past and I understand some people still enjoy the old fashioned way but it’s a new era.

    • appleyay

      i like the optional keyboard judea and there are 1000000000 keyboard options for all iPads..

    • RarestName

      You can use it without a keyboard.

      Also, what if you want to transfer files from a flash drive to an iPad? You’ll have to jailbreak it first, and have the camera connection kit sticking out of the side.

  • appleyay

    SURFACE / ZUUUUUN IS DEAD.. LOL these lame ads only help iPad too be more popular..

  • Adan

    Soooooo pathetic…

  • Dave

    Cooking ad: Because you know, touching a screen is too hard.

  • Dani Hayes

    What’s even more pathetic is this “article”. Christian loves them though, makes him feel like a contributor of something.

  • Jonathan

    2nd video: monitor usage? You don’t need to. Enable restrictions… Wow Microsoft, you totally forgot about that.

    • Raashid

      That’s another way, but too bad that as a parent, you won’t be able to set a restriction on weather or not deleting Safari’s history is allowed…so, you either be a harsh parent and restrict your kid from safari completely, or you be an irresponsible parent and live your kid exposed to the filt of the internet. Don’t have to do either with Windows…that’s the point.

  • Raashid

    BTW, it’s $449 for the Surface 2, still not worth it (despite it being more worthy than the iPad for the price) when we have Atom tablets like the Transformer T100 available on the market for less….

    • mehrab

      You make me giggle.

      • Raashid


  • Mo Levi

    they literally show the worst looking cooking app for iOS. And they also left out the fact that you needed a password to download infinity blade.

  • Pez Tickles

    shouldn’t there be a law agents this kind of advertising? Its so Lame…. It’s like name calling in the playground.

    • Raashid

      Why so butt hurt? Know of any nicer way of pointing out flaws in the competitor’s device?

      • Pez Tickles

        It’s a bonus not having a keyboard – not a flaw. The surface is a touch screen notebook , not a tablet. You couldn’t pay me to use one of those things

      • Raashid

        Nope, like laptop and desktop, a tablet is just another form factor of a PC, doesn’t have to be limited to bastardized apps like iOS/Windows RT/Android. The Surface Pro fits the tablet category (slate PCs) on its own. Add the keyboard and you have a full 2-in-1 device with the ability to convert from tablet form (keyboard folded back) and laptop form (keyboard unfolded).

        I wouldn’t bother paying you to use it; you prefer to throw out more money and carry two devices around instead of just 1. Good for you.

      • Pez Tickles

        I have a desktop , I have a laptop and now I have an ipad Mini. I don’t wanna piss about with an external keyboard when using my tablet, more than happy with the one that pops up when I need it. I wouldn’t expect you or anyone else for that matter to pay me to use one. Why would I carry them both around ? iPen ….. No thank you I have fingers. Hope YOU don’t get to Butt Hurt when your precious Microsoft divice get suffers from some lovely virus. Enjoy using your beloved keyboard!

      • Raashid

        Piss about? It remains permanently attached like a laptop, so, you piss about with your laptop? When I need it, it’s just a flip away instead of putting one device aside and bringing out another when I just want to do a bit of quick typing. You have fingers? Cool, glad you can keep up with notes in meetings/lectures with your bulky-tip finger. Hope YOU weren’t one of them 600,000 Mac users who got infected by the flashback trojan after ignoramusly falling for Apple’s scam of Macs being immune to malware. Enjoy worrying around multiple devices!

      • Adan

        Next you’ll be saying that the Surface is better because it can run Windows and Office…

      • Raashid

        Wouldn’t be referring to the Surface RT though, it’s just Microsoft’s version of the iPad with a bit more flexibility as it has ports.

      • Pez Tickles

        It probably weighs 4 times as much as an ipad

      • Raashid

        Lol, 2lb is 4 times greater than 1lb? Sounds like you failed your Math class…no wonder.

      • Pez Tickles

        Exactly ! Cos that software is so tech only a proper PC could handle it ! Haha . I remember years ago people saying Mac couldn’t handle Microsoft Office…. To funny

      • Huh? So you’re saying the iPad isn’t a Personal Computer where-as the Surface RT is? Such ding-logic you have…

      • Pez Tickles

        no its a tablet. its not trying to be a PC. The Surface is trying to be a PC as it runs the same os at a Standard Windows PC

      • Dude, that’s just Apple brainwash marketing. You have been misguided into thinking a PC is one that runs the full Windows and a Tablet is one that runs a so-claimed “mobile OS”. Here’s some insight; a PC is simply a Personal Computer. Personal Computers can come in multiple FORM-FACTORS; the ones currently available on the market are Desktop, Laptop, Tablet AND SmartPhone/PDA. The latter 3 form-factors (Tablet/SmatPhone/PDA) are called the “mobile form-factors” of a PC.

        The form-factor barely defines the device’s functionality like Apple makes it look. That is mostly done by the OS (Operating System) and there’s no rule of thumb stating that it has to be stritly limited to consumption tasks or bastardized apps (like iOS/Android/Windows RT) in order to consider the hardware on which it runs as a Tablet or SmartPhone/PDA.

        The Surface Pro and other 3-in-1 PCs (like the Lenovo Miix 2) are materialized proofs of that; they’ve filled the gap between the Desktop, Laptop AND Tablet PC form-factors. Soon as the technology gets there, expect to see a Surface Phone that transforms into a Surface Pro, similar to this (bit ly/1gjmQtW | bit ly/1gjn7NB | bit ly/1gjn18z) but with full Windows functionality.

        Finally, the term “mobile OS” (bit ly/1jvtzGI) simply implies that the OS can be run on the mobile form-factors of a PC, it’s not an excuse for being limited to bastardized apps like Apple and Google make it look. Windows 8.1 Pro, which comes with the Surface Pro, fits that definition perfectly.

  • blastingbigairs

    Microsoft is pure cheese.

  • Straightshoota

    Lest we forget the days of just long in his hipster jeans and t-shirt bashing the dork in the suit stating, ” should’ve gotten a Mac.”

  • Abdl

    But Apple stole the flat icons idea from microsoft… Just Saying!

  • Mgggb

    Was anyone else seriously creeped out by the parental control report feature

  • Looks like they copied Samsung’s Air Gestures.

  • Marcus Howell

    That’s all I’ve got to say 🙂

  • Marcus Howell

    That’s all I’ve to say 🙂