New Nokia Lumia 2520 ad lambasts iPad for lack of keyboard

nokia 2520

Microsoft has built up quite the library of iPad-bashing TV spots. And now that it’s buying out Nokia’s mobile hardware business, it’s getting them in on the gag. Today, Nokia launched a new TV commercial taking potshots at Apple’s popular tablet.

The ad is supposed to be about Nokia’s new Lumia 2520 slate, which launched last week, but you only see it for about 5 seconds at the very end of the 1 minute and 18 second-long video. For the other 72 seconds, it shows a user defending his iPad…

Here’s the ad:

The theme of the ad seems to be that because the iPad doesn’t have a physical keyboard, you can’t be productive on it—something I think a lot folks would disagree with. To be fair, there are hundreds available, but the point is the Lumia comes with one.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the no-keyboard argument from Microsoft’s camp, and it probably won’t be the last. The question is, though, is this whole ‘the iPad can’t do what we can do’ strategy working? Do people care? Are they buying it?

I would argue that it’s not working, and Microsoft (and Nokia) would be better off showing what their tablets can do as opposed to showing what the iPad can’t. What do you think?