A new knowledge base document has appeared on Apple’s support site this evening, introducing a new spam reporting tool for iMessage users. The document outlines a way for users to report unwanted messages, or spam, directly to Apple.

The posting comes ahead of the release of iOS 7, which adds a new Contact blocking feature for phone calls and messages. Apple has obviously discovered that spam is a problem for its messaging platform, and it’s doing something about it…

Here’s the text from the support document:

Messages: Reporting unwanted messages sent from iMessage

If you’re seeing unwanted iMessages (spam) in Messages app, you can report those to Apple.

To report unwanted iMessage messages to Apple, please send an email with the following details to:

  1. Include a screenshot of the message you have received.
  2. Include the full email address or phone number you received the unwanted message from.
  3. Include the date and time that you received the message.

While I haven’t seen rampant iMessage spam myself, I do know a lot of people that have been hit with DoS-like attacks that locked up their account for several hours. Here’s what we said in a report on the issue back in March of this year:

“The bigger problem here is that Apple obviously isn’t monitoring its iMessage service for things like spamming, leaving the door open for future attacks. And right now, the only remedy for the issue is to disable the iMessage account that’s affected. “

Apple launched iMessage in the fall of 2011, alongside iOS 5. During the company’s Q3 earnings call last week, Tim Cook said that the iPad-maker has facilitated the sending of more than 900 billion total iMessages as of July of this year.

  • SonsoNL

    Spam on iMessage? thats new for me haha.

    • planetcoalition

      I actually received a few in the past few days.

      • planetcoalition

        I gotta love the person who downvoted my comment. Just because you didn’t receive spam messages doesn’t mean I didn’t. Nothing can falsify that fact.

    • That’s some desperate spammer; spending $200 or more on an iDevice just to spam random numbers…

  • StarViruZ

    And I’m just sitting here alone. Well, I’m kidding, I can’t activate iMessage though I really don’t need it.

  • Diego Morales Servìn

    Wish they could make the same for mail app, I’ve been receiving several spam messages in the past few weeks

    • planetcoalition

      It does exist actually. If it is iCloud, just forward the spam you receive to

      • Diego Morales Servìn

        I didn’t know about this, thanks, I will try it immediately

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Is there a similar function in Gmail and Yahoo! ?

      • Diego Morales Servìn

        Not sure, but spam filters on those are much better than iCloud’s. What I’ve done is mark an email as Spam on Gmail and I haven’t received any other

      • burlow

        just click the “!” in gmail, and it flags a message as spam, preventing future messages like it from showing up in your inbox.

    • Timothy

      That’s something you need to manage from your email provider’s website. Apple can’t really do anything about that. And it’s not even their job unless you’re talking about an iCloud email. If it’s third party like Gmail, go to your inbox settings to deal with it.

      • Diego Morales Servìn

        It actually is an iCloud email address, might try what the guy above says, hope it works

    • burlow

      icloud also has a spam folder, and moving messages to there “flags” them as spam I believe (preventing future messages like them from going to your inbox).

  • Timothy

    iMessage has become a key platform of communication with a lot of people, including myself. Glad to see Apple is taking care of it.