Anti-robocall bill passes House, heads to Senate

Tired of dealing with robocall spammers and scammers? Legislative relief to U.S. consumers could be coming soon. Anti-robocall legislation was approved by the House of Representatives earlier this week with almost unanimous support, and is expected to be taken up by the Senate in the next couple of weeks, according to a new report from The Hill.

Apple works on eliminating call spoofing on iPhone

incoming call

It looks like Apple could finally be getting serious about helping to eliminate nuisance calls on iPhones. A new Apple patent for “Detection of Spoofed Call Information,” targets a specific type of calling that has become increasingly annoying in recent years. 

How to filter and block spam phone calls on iPhone

Starting with iOS 10, Apple is allowing a new type of applications in the App Store: apps that can detect and block spam phone calls from telemarketers, debt collectors, scammers, and automated systems. These apps act as an extension of the Phone application, and in theory, they can help you filter out those calls from people you don't want to talk to.

In this post, we will have a look at how these applications work and how to use them.

How to stop iMessage spam

Are you getting spam iMessages from unknown people or scammers with international numbers and weird email addresses? In this post, we will go over four simple ways to protect yourself and stop iMessage spam for a hassle-free messaging experience on your iPhone.

Security firm warns of new iMessage spam campaign

iPhones users—particularly those in larger US cities—may want to start keeping an eye out for odd iMessages. According to security firm Cloudmark, there has been a dramatic uptick in recent months of spam directed at Apple's iOS messaging system.

Cloudmark says that the new spam campaign, which appears to be peddling counterfeit goods, accounted for 34% of US-based SMS spam during the past two months. Activity seemed to be particularly high in New York City, L.A., San Diego and Miami...

Apple launches new iMessage spam reporting tool

A new knowledge base document has appeared on Apple's support site this evening, introducing a new spam reporting tool for iMessage users. The document outlines a way for users to report unwanted messages, or spam, directly to Apple.

The posting comes ahead of the release of iOS 7, which adds a new Contact blocking feature for phone calls and messages. Apple has obviously discovered that spam is a problem for its messaging platform, and it's doing something about it...

Chpwn and other developers hit with iMessage DoS attack

Over the past few days, several well-known iOS and jailbreak developers have reported that they've been hit with an iMessage DoS, or denial of service, attack. The attacks feature a series of spam messages that end up crashing the iMessage app.

The list of affected developers include Sn0wBreeze creator iH8sn0w, Zephyr creator Chpwn, and others. And the perpetrator has been tracked to a Twitter account involved in selling things like provisioned UDIDs and Siri proxy servers...

Apple social networking patent would track your stalkers and spammers

Apple wants to get into social networking, but not as a rival to Facebook or Twitter. Instead, the iPhone maker envisions a way to better protect mobile users against spammers and stalkers.

Tuesday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office approved a 2010 application for a friend service of sorts which could underlie current social networks.

The patent titled "Apparatus and method for efficiently managing data in a social networking service" describes methods for maintaining three databases which oversee friends within a network, handles for out-of-network contacts and a third to log changes. Among the potential advantages: preventing a flood of friend requests and ignoring contact attempts by stalkers...